St'nes is a small, fragile young man. Many say this is because he is the runt of the family, all the other siblings taking the muscle and development away from the boy despite the fact that they were all born at different times. Because of his small stature, his mother never approved of him becoming a smith as he would have a harder time than the rest. He never developed muscle and still remains quite tiny. He stands at 5'2 and it remains yet to be seen if he will grow at all. He has short brown hair that often remains unstyled and messy. He has hazel eyes that linger more towards brown than green. A rather feminine appearing face as the upper part of his head is more oval shaped, and covering the squared jaw of his sometimes leads to people mistaking him for a woman. His clothing always appears to be neat and new, constantly fixing them so they never look worn or outdated.


Steines was the last born in his family, the runt, never able to really grow as quickly as he needed as fast as he needed. His mother never let him work as it was no place for a young, frail boy and instead, she stuck him with learning mending rather than following along with the family's trade. After he reached fourteen turns, he was sent off to work with the Weavers. He was still a tiny boy, having not hit any sort of growth spurt and remaining frail as can be. A turn later, the eggs were laid in Western. A rider, seeking a commission from one of the Journeymen happened upon the boy and her dragon took a fond liking to him. And, without a doubt: he was searched for Western with hopes of finding his lifemate and maybe even hitting a growth spurt.


Steines is the youngest son of a family of Smiths. All of his siblings are smiths while he became a Weaver, thus breaking the family line.


Blooming in Springtime Green Gaeath
This buoyant and energetic green dragon is cloaked in shades ranging from a bright, natural leafy green near her head knobs to splotches of deeper moss green that follow haphazardly down her back and around her sides like strokes from an eccentric artist. A striking shade of jungle green wraps tightly around her belly and also graces the base of her wings, while the green of her tail and talons is so deep as to be almost brown making her appear very solid and dependable indeed. But it's not just her coloring that catches the attention. The slight tilts of her head, the careful way she surveys her surroundings give the impression that she knows far more than she would every say.

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