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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Dragon Green Aydoth

'Tiny' and 'cute' are apt descriptors of Taleekah. The girl is 4'11" on a good day, and a hundred pounds soaking wet. Her pale blonde hair is frequently done back in braids, strung through with little beads or shells on particularly good days. Her face is delicate and heart-shaped, a button nose eked out by big brown eyes and pink, bowed lips. Though freshly laundered, her shirts, skirts and dresses are often mismatched at best, and are even more frequently splattered with paints.


Taleekah is young enough to have only just entered the Harper craft before being searched. She's already decided she wants to paint more than anything else, though there is plenty of time for this to change as she ages. A fraternal twin, her brother accompanied her to the weyr upon being searched out of the Hall, the pair of them considering themselves inseperable beforehand. She was heartbroken when he wasn't searched as well, but Takelan promised he'd come with her just the same. He still practices Harpering with a newly-assigned Journeyman, but during her free time, they are often found side-by-side.


Name Relation Location Position
Takelan Brother (twin) Half Moon Bay Weyr Apprentice Harper



It’s Called Art! Green Aydoth

Just about every color of green can be found upon this small hatching - from the darker forests greens and pine hues that are slathered upon her slim back and wings, dripping down over headknobs and eye ridges - to the more moderate kelly greens that spread upwards from her nose, as if she stuck it forcibly in a paint bucket. Flecks of lawn green catch the light like glitter, scattered across each wing sail, appearing here and there on her flanks as it can never truly be contained, before finally the palest hues of mint cream gather mostly upon her limbs and tail, almost hand shaped splotches up their lean lengths.


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