She has a lithe frame that would look well on a dancers and in fact her body is quite toned and shows an effortless grace. She is tall and thin boned and has long fingers and hands. Her hair is a pale blond that comes midway down her back. However, though her body may be smooth and full of grace, her face is another matter entirely. There is a large winestain birthmark that covers half her face and almost seems to obscure her pale blue eyes with it's color. Many times she can be seen with her hair pulled across that side of the face in order to hide it.


Teniqua was a rather outgoing child until she started up her lessons with the Harpers. It was there that she started to become shy due to the teasing that she recieved at the hands of the other children. Shunned by the children she concentrated more on her studies than playing and became even more removed from the rest of her peers. As she grew older, she had a hard time integrating with her peers, though she did find a bit of a niche with a few of the younger adults who did not mind her face. Bolstered by their confidence in her, she followed into her mother's footsteps and became an apprentice Healer. Still in her first turn of training, a rider on Search from Western Weyr stopped by at the request of one his friends while Teniqua was running an errand, only to be waylaid by his green who took quite the interest in her. When the greens rider came out, she was asked if she wanted to stand for the clutch and was reassured that a dragon really wouldn't mind her face if the dragon was for her. So she said yes and wound up at Western.


Name Relation Location Position
Tamber Mother Southern Boll Hold Healer Sr. Journeyman
Marqel Father Southern Boll Hold WoodCraft Journeyman
Corimar Brother Southern Boll Hold WoodCraft Apprentice


Add A Squirt of Lime Green Maitayth
Lanky and serpentine, this sultry green has no sharp angles to her form. She flows gracefully with each step. Her strength is there, sleeping, to be awakened at need. Her colors start bright at her head, with emerald, and get darker as they move down, like the layers of liquid in some exotic cocktail. The bright emerald of her face gives way to the lime color that drips down her chest, and becomes deeper fern as it comes to rest on her legs and finally terminates in a soft olive shade at her talons and wings. She holds her wings daintily folded just so, to show off their obvious strength and suppleness to whichever of these males might one day be interested.

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