Worn long to just past her shoulders, brown tresses are streaked with tendrils of blonde, a fairly shaggy cut that curls over her forehead and away from her eyes. Rounded cheeks lend a further perkiness to the angle of her long, straight nose. Her mouth, generously wide, is thin-lipped, gifted with smile lines at the corners of them. Her eyes are dark, indigo of a hue nearly black, and are framed by long dark eyelashes. Skinny and petite, she's a diminutive little wisp of a girl, the gauntness of her body reflecting perhaps a few missed meals in the recent past. Indeed, she's a collection of elbows and coltish knees, that no amount of feeding could quite plump up. Surprising then, that her face is so round, but perhaps that's due to genetics rather than gaunt hunger at work.

Rough homespun and worn leather make adequate clothing for this girl. Her brown dress is nothing remarkable, a rather shapeless garment that looks too much like a long turnip sack with arms sewn on. The loose weave appears to make the fabric look rough and scratchy to the touch. Worn leather clogs cover her feet, the leather shiny along the toes and scuffed up at the heels. A knot, in the colors of Half Moon Bay Weyr are entwined with the white cord that designates her as a candidate.


Zwi is a foundling child, brought to Nabol Hold after a trader wagon was discovered destroyed by a landslide. The only survivor was an infant girl, barely old enough to crawl. Claimed by Zuwena, an aging cook at the Hold who had long since given up hope of marrying, finding a lover, or ever having a child, the older woman took on the care and raising of the girl. Zwi spent the turns growing up, but never really got much of an opportunity to take harper lessons or learn about the world. As it had been put to her at a young age, she was expected to pull her own share in the kitchens, and from the moment she was old enough to do so, was given tasks and chores that developed along with her. Work was hard, but she persevered. Zuwena taught her kitchen work, and she could be expected to assist in preparing meals.

The future, as far as the girl knew, looked very bleak indeed. Zuwena kept an grimlet's watch over her — determined to keep Zwi by her side forever if she could. And few young men would have bothered to look at the kitchen waif aside from any with less than honorable intentions in mind. When a Half Moon Bay brownrider arrived at Nabol Hold to deliver some goods — for it was C'lyde, rider to brown Zaloth — the dragon took an instant liking to the girl peeling tubers in the kitchen courtyard. Zuwena put her foot down — no child of hers was going to leave the Hold. In retaliation, Zwi ran away, only to be tracked by C'lyde and Zaloth. Asked a second time, the girl accepted the offer of candidacy with no hesitation, and she has relocated to Half Moon Bay, with many dreams and hopes — amongst which, she hopes for forgiveness from her adopted mother.


Name Relation Location Position
Zuwena Adopted Mother Nabol Hold Cook
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