Flight Territory Overview

As an island Weyr far from the mainland, Half Moon Bay Weyr has very little land territory to cover, but the seas are vast, and with only so much space avaliable, adventurous holderfolk are setting out to tame and colonize the outlying islands around Emerald Island where the Weyr calls home. Sweepriders are needed on a frequent basis to oversee and protect those fledgling colonies, and there's always something going on in the Holds that have looked to Half Moon Bay Weyr for decades.

Relationships with the Holds are considered good. Much of the transport that comes through the Weyr is often imports for the nearby Holds — for which they pay dearly — and the Weyr's leadership gets along well with the Hold leadership.

There are several major Holds on Emerald Island, with minor holds scattered on nearby islands. The sea is often the best way to make a living, and fishing vessels are sturdy crafts meant to ply the waters between the islands. As such, landless Blooded relatives and other daring folk have been encouraged to stake out claims by their more fortunate relations, with support and finances being provided for until such a time as they can fend for themselves (and often pay back in kind)

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