Blonde hair falls to broad shoulders, framing an angular face that comes together with high cheekbones, a button nose, and full lips. A thick fray of dark lashes brings out the shocking color of wintergreen from his eyes, positioned just beneath thick eyebrows.
A blue dyed almost black clings to his body in the form of riding leathers, snug enough to reveal the thick definition of muscles at his thighs and at his biceps. Beneath the straps and zippers of his riding jacket rests a plain white tunic, the lacings at the top left loosened and undone. Black boots wrap up to the middle of his shins, keeping the bottoms of his pants well hidden from view.


Ayshur grew up in the cold of a small High Reaches cothold, raised in most part by the nannies that his trader parents entrusted with his well-being whenever they took to travel. As Ayshur grew older, it became apparent that he was strangely sensitive to the cold climate conditions of High Reaches and constantly fell ill in his youth. This often left him confined to his room with little more entertainment than the tales of gossiping women and song. It was here that his voice was slowly developed and discovered to be decent enough for singing, and on a day when he'd been bundled up and well enough to leave the confines of his small home, he was overheard by the well-tuned ear of a passing harper. Plans were set into quick motion when the harper man expressed his interest in further training for the boy, and an agreement was made that he would take him somewhere that was warm enough to keep his body well.
Upon reaching Igen Hold, Ayshur thrived. Long gone were the days of colds, and the boy who'd come looking frail suddenly bloomed into a well muscled, healthy young man. He devoured any knowledge that was laid at his feet, learning to become more than merely passable in sharing song with the hard work of his master.
Still, as with any story that seems to be coming along well, there was trouble in paradise when it became painfully apparent to Ayshur just how little he actually fit in with the rest of the boys and girls who were students of the same craft. But Ayshur still planned to spend the rest of his life singing songs to entertain, where there was enough warmth to make him even forget about runny noses and persistent coughs… That is, until a woman with a pretty face asked him aboard her green to stand for impression at Telgar Weyr. Aside from the initial shock of surprise, Ayshur and his master both agreed.
While the weather was a return to his past, there were no hints of his body's previous disagreements with the weather, and candidacy raced past him until he found himself standing on the sands and being greeted by the curious eyes of a blue. Impression! Sirrushuth became Ayshur's lifemate, changing him to A'shur for good.
It wasn't until after graduation from weyrlinghood that Telgar's cold weather began to catch up with him again, and it was for this very reason that A'shur was transferred to the warmer climate of Ierne Weyrhold, where he could comfortably continue to pursue being a harper.


Name Relation Location Position
Ryshur Father Undetermined Trader
Aysulin Mother Undetermined Trader



Blue Sirrushuth
Swirls of blue and black dance from this dragons muzzle and down to his tail tip, both hues so dark that its difficult to tell which color he is. Like the sky on a moonless night, stars timidly peek out, starting along the back of his neck before they slid down his back and sides to puddle at his tummy in thick twisted galaxies. These stars are small dapples of periwinkle. Some just small pin pricks while others are as thick as a finger. They whirl together in a chaotic frenzy, creating constellations that could easily be mapped out and named. Wispy clouds of Prussian blue slide down one side of his face only to disappear and reappear sporadically across his tightly muscled body. While his wings are overly large, creating an awkwardness in precision flying their undersides hold a mostly hidden beauty. When unfurled they look like newly created nebula, red wisps into orange, green and neon blue standing stark against the darkness of the rest of his hide. Overall hes not a small blue nor is he large, smack dab in the middle of the spectrum, but his unique coloration makes him difficult to miss.

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