Bronzerider A'ven


A'ven is not particularly tall for his age, nor particularly handsome. He seems a rather stocky young man of about 20 Turns. He has successfully past from some of the awkwardness associated with adolescence andcarries himself with discipline, standing tall as his alert brown eyes survey his surroundings. His eyes are deep, large, and expressive, much like his father. His movements do not seem rushed or unplanned, but they are sometimes awkward as his growing body betrays him. His hands are not unused to work, though they lack some of the scars and wear you might find on an older man. His hair is nearly combed and short enough to spike at the top just a bit. It is predominantly black, but in the right light one might notice some brown highlights, a definite family hallmark from his mother.



Name Relation Location Position Dragon


Bronze Mesquite
Blue Procyon



Bronze Glyith

Straight from the forge, brilliant molten copper glides over burnished bronze hues. The two colors vie for dominance, though eventually the red shade gives way and fades into near nonexistence. His tail and hind end are darker than his chest and forelegs, which are pale Terra cotta color. His stomach is of a similar hue, though muted as if some cream had been added to dilute the red from his hide. Brushed over his slender maw is a dustier shade of bronze, a color which reappears in the thin tissue of his main wingsails. The bones and muscles of his wings are darker, still, providing sharp contrast against the red-bronze hues of his hide and the pale shade of tissue that bones provide support for. His wingspars are nearly ebony, though there is the slightest hint of navy to it. However, his talons are a slate grey color with a faint mossy hue to them. Standing tall, long, and lean, his frame promises power and endurance.

Gyith is fitted with his fighting straps as a working dragon ought to be. He's ready to fly at a moment's notice.

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