Bronzerider Ae'gus


Acrop of reddish blonde hair has been slicked back into some semblance of order around Ae'gus' rather individual face. Stray strands stick up haphazardly here and there and the ends curl against the nape of his neck, showing a modest start to some length. A pair of extremely bushy red-gold eyebrows appear almost to have been plastered over his deep-set light hazel eyes, looking more like living things than actual growths of hair. A prominent brow, overly large aquiline nose and square-cut jaw make his appearance both more unappealing and more masculine at the same time. The startings of a well proportioned reddish-gold moustache graces his upper lip, appearing almost to be a transplanted third cousin of his eyebrows by the scraggly bushy look of it. Smoothly clean-shaven skin covers his cheeks and the lower portion of his face, only bringing more attention to the harshly cut proportions of his chin. Muscular, but slightly slouched, shoulders define his well built and slight body frame. No one can help but notice that he only stands about 5 foot 5 inches tall, but he seems to carry himself in a way that makes him seem taller.

While the garment is somewhat worn and mended in some places, a thin light cream shirt is fitted closely to Ae'gus' top half. A few untied laces close the fabric at the throat and there is a slight collar that rests closely against his neck. Finely tanned wherhide pants adorn his legs, falling just over the tops of his fairly scuffed hide boots. While the majority of his outfit appears well used and worn, the material of his belt and matching knife sheath are in impeccable condition, being made from a fine tanned hide of some indeterminate source. An intricately woven knot of Western Weyr's colors along with a thick strand of bronze has been affixed to his shoulder, showing his status as a Wingrider.


Born to a random flight pairing of Emaris, rider of Green Idianalth and C'don (Calydon), rider of Brown Thespereth, Aengus had a great legacy placed upon his tiny shoulders almost the moment after he entered the world. Coming from a solid line of Brownriders from his father's side, it was generally thought that certainly any son of the great C'don would likely follow in his tall and handsome footsteps to become yet another young, desireable brownrider. Aengus' grandfather and great grandfather, as well as a smattering of uncles here and there, had all been lucky enough to Impress brown sometime in their life. Granted a good majority of his family actually were either crafters, daughters who Impressed other chromatics or general non-riders of other persuasions, though they tend to not be mentioned when the family history is touted.

Other than this glorious family background, Aengus also had become known as a fairly good looking child, atleast according to the Healers that attended his birth who were rather taken with his red-gold locks and intriguing eyes. As he grew, this knack of boyish charm would be enough to grant him access to certain favors such as extra bubbly pies at dinner from the cooks or exemption from early childhood chores that otherwise may have been allotted to him. Good things can never last very long, though, as some time later Emaris and C'don became weyrmates and soon produced two more sons: Alym and Caemon. Both of these new boys seemed to inherit the dark and handsome looks of their father before them. In young Aengus' mind, it seemed as though his two new siblings began to take all of the attention away from him. Soon those coveted bubbly pies were going to the younger ones and those unwanted chores were suddenly being allotted to him as the older of the trio. Not only that, but the boy was starting to grow into a young man and his boyish good looks were fast falling away from him. What was cute in a young child soon became awkward and oddly proportioned in Aengus as a young man. It did little to help that he barely reached the height of 5'5", rather than his brothers who both reached a fairly average height.

As he grew older and became more responsible for his actions, Aengus began to show a lot more of his unsavory qualities, of which he has too many to count unfortunately. This, coupled with his newfound unappealing looks, tended to land him in more trouble than he ever had been in while he was small. Now the rumors about the illustrious first son of C'don began to change from those of possible futures to those of dismay at the often crude behavior of the young man. Short, stout and with no limits to his strength even if he does have limits to his size, Aengus has recently taken on the responsibility of a Weyr Hunter. This seems to suit another unappealing and unsavory hobby of wanting to wrestle with wild animals of any sort. Besides, such a profession is filled with masculinity galore. And being so short, Aengus seems determined to be as rumble-tumble, manly, badly mannered and boastful as the rest of those who are taller and handsomer than he is. Aengus' version of charm and good behavior is certainly different than the rest of the Weyr might be concerned. Even his rules about appearance and general cleanliness might be in question, but this does not seem to deter him from his consistent and satisfactory work as a Hunter, which is obbviously most important to him at the moment.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Emaris Mother Green Idianalth
C'don Father Brown Thespereth
A'ym Brother Brown Dioscurath
Ae'mon Brother Brown Melaegath




Forever Dreaming Bronze Halinith
A refined shade of antique bronze graces this dragon. His head and neck offer a brighter burnished polish that fades into the richer copper browns over his wings and chest and finally terminates in the matte dusty tarnish of weathered metal that cover the latter half of his tail and his feet and legs. At the very tips of his wings and tail is a slate gray sheen that could be mistaken for shadow, rather than color. His lines are supple and rounded. His head is lacking some of the sharper angles of his kin, but it doesn't look awkward, instead it only lends itself to a seamless transition into the rest of his body. He looks as if his flying might be more a matter of slipping effortlessly into the dominant currents, rather than cutting through in opposition to them. The entire effect combines to give him a handsome softness and solid bearing that finds no need to boast. His undeniable elegance is not a veneer that he puts on to impress. It is a simple fact of his meticulous geometry.

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