A bit of pudge clings to rounded curves of this young woman. Somewhat on the petite side, it seems that she never grew past the point where her extra fluff would fill out and she'd become a tall, slender woman. Her coppery ringlets are pulled back taughtly, sticking out into ruddy springs beyond the green ribbon that holds them there. Her almond-shaped eyes are a rather muted green, with motes of golden hazel streaked through timidly. Her chubby, heart-shaped face almost seems too wide for her tiny, pointed nose and her undersized pink lips.

Her typical attire has been traded for a far more practical one. Wear shows along the hems on her undyed wherhide pants, large splotches of mud blending in easily with the similarly colored material. Boots are nearly the same color and in an even worse state of repair; the material seems thicker, but all the more splattered and worn. Her tunic, however seems to be a dazzling shade of spring green and far better taken care of than the bottom half of the outfit. And even now, the girl can't keep herself free of jewelery. A rather large carved bangle of wood rests cocked on her wrist, just under the airy hem of her tunic.


As the daughter of a greenrider and a bronzerider, Aerhia has had a pretty easy life, with only the occaisional move between either of her parents. She's spent her entire life in Weyrs, having only done typical Weyrfolk chores when needed - or when she couldn't whine her way out of them. Despite her parent's predictions, she's never Impressed, and she's never been pushed towards Crafts or any kind of hard labor. She's spent most of her life sheltered from harsh realities - such as how mentally diminished her sister, Ileana, is - and as such, tends to not be able to wrap her head around other people's suffering. She's finally starting to become an adult, she's finally being pushed to find out what she would like to do with the rest of her life, but she's been rather listless about the whole ordeal.

Finally, the answer came when bronze Pongokuuth and his rider of Western Weyr landed in a clearing among the forrest where Aerhia was happily wasting time. After brief introductions, Aerhia was asked to stand at a clutch at Western Weyr. Having to chose between Crafts and Candidacy, she opted for the latter and accepted the invitation to stand. Candidacy proved to be work, her least favorite thing ever, and she resentfully waited for Hatching, hoping just to be sent home, back to her life of shirking duties.

However, things would not be so easy. When the Hatching came, the Weyr's newest gold, Onauth, Impressed to a dazed Aerhia - now Aerhi. Her smugness was nearly washed away in the grind of Weyrlinghood, where she had the occaisional spat with the weyrlingmasters and had the gall to try to refuse a lesson or two. Her maiden flight was won by the very weyrlingmaster she had despised so, making her act all the more cold towards him, even though her feelings had softened somewhat.

Not long out of Weyrlinghood, the Senior pair at Western suffered mysterious deaths - which would have been bad enough on its own, but Onauth rose but a few hours later, confirming Aerhi as Senior Weyrwoman. Onauth was caught by T'eo's Raenth, who was sailing around the island at just that time. Being thrust into a position of power made her even grumpier than usual on top of all the new stresses. She eventually settled and grew used to the new responsibility, and her personality even softened (somewhat) after a few Turns of running the Weyr.

Though she usually would steer clear of relationships at all, citing too much drama and not having enough time, she wound up romantically involved with Ivan, a Carpenter-turned-Smith Apprentice at the Weyr. And drama did indeed happen, just like she always feared, with Ivan's then-weyrmate . The two has since broken up, and Aerhi and Ivan can typically be found hanging out at the Tiki Lounge.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Rh'al Father Xanadu Wingrider Bronze Valenth
Aerdon Mother Xanadu (?) Wingrider Green Cuveeth
Ileana Sister Xanadu Resident None
Evhal Half-brother Harper Hall Apprentice None


Gold Anabelle
Frothy white-gold bubbles up from the delicate paws of this little lady, washing along her sinuous limbs and underside. Defiant amber melts down from her ridges, threatening the light color along her shoulders and haunches, but it wins the battle along her slender neck and tail and grows darkers going either way. Her head is trimmed with molten orange along her eyes and snout, and the tip of her tail is similar in color.

Bronze Jethro
Rows of dried corn stalks crackle in the soft autumn wind. The stalks seem to make the hide of this firelizard dry and rough, although if touched he would be as silky smooth as any other. Purely a visual illusion the stalks line across his body, growing from bottom to top, belly full of thick stems which sprout their leaves upon shoulder and flank, and bear their fruit in the vast expanse of his sails. A few particularly long stalks grow up th spindly neck and leaves crisscross across the small wedge shaped head. Eyes spin a calm placid summer sky blue, taking in the world with a farmers reserve, tuned to the natural rhythms of the world. Wingshoulders are thick and strong, supporting the sails which rustle like the drying corn that spills out from leading to trailing edge. Of hue, he is one of the more golden-bronze palate. The stalks shifting from their summer green to autumns gold then kissed by deaths touch to age in bronze with hints of sunset red and purple. His lengthy tail has managed to mostly escape the field, bronzed grasses drying too as they lap around the tapering muscle unable to escape the coming winter's grasp.



Gold Onauth

Large is this queen of Pern, and dominating of presence not only by sheer size but by something much more intangible. Not that she would be hard to miss for the blazing intensity of a sun has settled to her figure. It begins upon the center of her chest, the hottest near white flame is a the width of one's palm. It expands and writhes with nuclear intensity that explodes over her body in a mix of gold, amber, yellow, orange and even some brilliant flame reds. The reds seem to particularly caress the prominent eyeridges of her large head. Rippling flames in amber and yellows compete to dominate her strong jaw and even stain the teeth which glimmer their deadly role as jaws part. The heat of the star blurs the hues together across her medium build, only the heavyset of haunches and over large hands seeming out of proportion. Her tail sweeps away from her body, a dramatic coronal mass ejection in darkening flames of tangerine and crimson which fade at the very tip to the surrounding dark of the void. Along her neckridges a rare scene, as a comet has been drawn to its ultimate fate, plunging toward the very heart of the star, its icy vapors dusting the ridges in a sparkling trail of diamond-like glitter. Not that she seems to have any sympathy for such destructive fate, life has its beginning and has its ending. Strong wingshoulders support a cloak of wingsail which offers some shelter from the solar storm. The dark sails are the void, space in its inky depths that seek to eclipse the star, but even here the light can not be entirely subdued, the brilliance of the corona lights up the leading edges and fans along the wingbones and partly into the main sail in an eerie drama.

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