Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ierne Weyrhold
Occupation Sr. Weyrwoman
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Dragon Valigath

She might well be in her mid-teens, but it's hard to tell. She's in the nebulous realm between adolescence and full adulthood, tall and willowy and ethereal. Her hair is an inky fall of black that's most often pinned up in a bun. Stray strands frame a pale, severe face with high cheekbones and a blade of a nose. Cool, analytical green eyes are set beneath brows that are naturally arched to lend some sense of emotive expression where there might otherwise be none. Her neck is long and swanlike; her limbs are likewise slender and also seem perhaps a touch too long. She may yet grow into her extremities, but her tomboyish build is unlikely to change much.

Her clothing is utilitarian to a fault, typically in whites and blacks with little room for gray. Blouses and skirts or dresses; rarely are trousers a part of her daily attire. Sometimes, bright color might be found; either as a clip in her hair or a sash or shawl. All of her clothes are well-suited to the weather, however, and her knot is that of a Senior Weyrwoman at Half Moon Bay Weyr.


She was the result of a chance meeting of lives; after Galina's transfer to Ierne for her mental health, her gold flew and was caught by M'gaal's bronze. The clutch was predictably small and ill-fated, an unfortunate black mark that the goldrider could never quite get over.

Aglaia was born nine months later.

The girl was raised by Galina until another breakdown claimed her and sent her into the permanent care of the Mind Healers. M'gaal took over duties raising Aglaia and his son, Malaakh, and life was good. She proved to have her mother's peculiar mind and her father's height; she shared their mutual need to be dutiful, if in her own way.

Shortly after her thirteenth Turnday, she was approached to join the Healers - but declined. Her inclinations were never properly craft-based and she, instead, settled into handling the paperwork and other minutiae of her father's restaurant to leave him free to do the work of cooking and bartending.

She's been doing it ever since.

Her half-brother, Malaakh, is never far from her side - a perfectly proper older brother and guardian. Her father, too, remains a stable influence in her life. And her mother remains distant and strange, a shadow of what she once was - but a shadow that rests heavily on the young woman's shoulders.

And that shadow may yet come to bear: she had no inkling that she would Impress Valigath - and, now, she must stare the darkness of her past down directly while wrangling with a tempestuous tyrant of a gold.

RL Date: 03.16.2015 - Aglaia is given the Senior's knot and told that she's to be acting Senior while Kadesh is busy with other matters.


Name Relation Location Position
M'gaal Father Ierne Weyrhold Rider to Bronze Zaqalekhth
Galina Mother Healer Hall Rider to Gold Vidyazath
Malaakh Brother Ierne Weyrhold Resident


Imperiously Imperial Gold Tiamat

Though she might be at the smaller end of the scale as gold firelizards go, this brassy beast more than makes up for it in attitude. She's thickly built, designed for strength and endurance rather than speed and agility. Her hide is a tempestuous thing, a veritable ocean of bright, pure gold that flows down from her sleek muzzle and powerful neck. The color crashes into a paler foam when it reaches her shoulders, but the flow continues from there, clearing up along her midsection and turning into tumultuous foamy gold once more along the length of her tail. Her limbs are darker and marked curiously, as if she were wading forever through a sea of gold and the ripples and waves had left an indelible mark. Her neckridges, by contrast, are also foam-clad, the golden coloration rendered nearly white. It's only at her wings - with their tarnished spars - that the truest reflection of her color can be found. That color is a pristine gold, refined and worked so perfectly that it might well reflect more than merely light.

A Smattering of Tree Bark Bronze Bahamut

Flecked and speckled, the bright silky bronze hide of this firelizard is dappled and marred, leaving no one place the exact same color as any other. A narrow muzzle and then further on a narrow head lead into the rest of his lithe body, all neatly compact and rather skinny. Cut back ridges that slide onto his thin frame before that is barely filled out and carried by twig thin haunches and arms, his paws armed with spindly, needle sharp talons. His wings are sharply angled, swept back until they attach to his frame and seem barely large enough to support him in flight, still all speckled in those random patterns.

Ambiguity in Brown Garra

A large brown, this firelizard appears to have some faint hinting of all other colors throughout. His build is ambiguous, neither too bulky nor too sleek; a strange sort of androgyny, all in all. A rich, klah brown claims the majority of his hide, but his eyes are limned in hints of bronze and gold - hints that glitter around his too-long fingers like rings. Bluish tones wash out the undersides of his wings, while his tail is twisted through with greenish-browns in a fine, if asymmetrical, latticework.

Misery in Brown Nusku

A large brown, this firelizard is certainly a thing to watch - if only for the color of his hide. What should have been a rich, klah brown has been reduced to something at the edge of ashen. The grayness is never fully fledged, but speaks of a creature that might always be on the verge of ill-health. Neither too bulky nor too sleek, he appears to be just right as far as physiques go. The only anomaly of his hide are strange, geometric designs in a reddish-brown that claim his extremities, fading out as they get closer to his body.

Dreaming in Blue Anu

Darkness claims this large, blue firelizard. His hide is mostly a dark, dark blue that verges on black, with quicksilver specks that glitter like stars. The color doesn't so much lighten on his limbs and tail so much as it dramatically shifts to flame-bright blues and near whites. The illusion of flickering flames continues to his wingsails, where the darkness of night battles with the fire. His visage is a dour one, with deeply sunken eyes and a certain measure of weight to all of his movements.

Deadly Nightshade Blue Nergal

Formed from shadow and night, shades midnight-blue sweep over his small, delicate looking frame. Cloaking him from above, the dark coloring begins to fade in a subtle gradient towards navy and a deep, richer indigo that pools along his narrow chest and the curve of his underbelly. His coloring will darken again as it follows the lean muscle of his limbs, going so far as to be near-black along the curve of his wicked-sharp talons and his whip-cord tail. Large tapered wings are the same mingled shade of midnight and navy, almost disappearing when he keeps them folded tightly to his sides.


Ethereal Tyrant Gold Valigath

Forged in nightmares, a beautiful and haunting form composes this vivid dragonet from her narrowly tapered snout and high poised head knobs down to her fatal talons gleaming milky white in the light. Molten copper pools beneath each eye ridge and around large orbs, those same brilliant hues extend from the edges of her wide jaws curled upwards in a sinister glasgow grin and down tall neck ridges. Masculine is her form - muscles twist under a hide of burnished gold on broad shoulders and powerful hind quarters where they thin out at the end of a long whip-like tail. Monstrous wings unfurled take on a life of their own, flickers of gold and flame kiss the tips of wing-spars, the ivory sails bearing a single mottled ring extending across spars of patinated copper. An warning eye sits on each wing, watching with their expressionless gaze all caught in their wake.


Title OOC Date Cast
Time To Shine! July 24, 2016 Aglaia, Citayzleat, Emiallis, Heryn, K'vir, Natali, Sundari
So Much For Sand Castles... July 26, 2016 Aglaia, D'nyl, Heryn, Nolan
Late Night Knot Swap August 7, 2016 Aglaia, Lysanne
Bad Egg August 11, 2016 Aglaia, Jaelyn
Beware of Bronzeriders August 15, 2016 Aglaia, Citayzleat, D'nyl, Emiallis, Heryn, Ila'den, Jaelyn, Pritkin, Sundari, Venryk
Hatching Feast August 27, 2016 Aglaia, Citayzleat, Darryl(NPC), E'mi, R'hyn, Sundari, V'nyk
Aliens Among Us October 30, 2016 Aglaia, Citayzleat, E'vyl, Niki, R'hyn
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