Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Igen Outlands
Dragon Green Sakrayeth
Occupation DOC Journeyman
Reef Wing
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey

Aine stands about halfway past five feet tall, her wavy, cascading brown hair providing the last inch of height before tumbling down to her mid-back. Her slender frame — almost slight — has been toned with a swimmer's muscles. Vanity settles in only small parts of her; while her hair is kept clean and swept back, she isn’t one for elaborate styles or fancy work, although she will often enough have a carved or jeweled clip or comb in her hair, each a treasured gift. Neither does she wear makeup — but her fingernails are always kept impeccably manicured, as are her toenails.

The slightness of her frame is often obscured by the long, loose, flowing clothing she favors, whether dresses, blouses, trousers, or skirts; they, in turn, are occasionally obscured by her favorite bulky cardigans. Being thin of form makes her easy to underestimate; allowing her clothing to flow when not in swimming gear simply makes people occasionally less likely to consider her a child than they already do.


Creation History
A child of the desert who ran to the sea.

Taline doesn't talk about where she came from, though either it actually is Igen area traders or that is what she allows people to assume. (Spoiler: it is. Her family are Igenite traders.) What caused her to join the Dolphincraft, of all things, is what she simply does not speak of. Her past before joining the crafthall aged thirteen is entirely off-limits. Those are her secrets, that is what she keeps secret: most of everything else she reveals.

She joined the Dolphincraft at thirteen, and stuck there, a proverbial fish out of literal water in the desert who found her skill in the sea. Her swimming went from mediocre to excellent, and her attitude went from constantly surly to the sort of carefree that is born of keeping one's time with dolphins. Dedicating herself to her craft and their interactions, Taline with her sharp vision and quick reaction time was directed toward working in Search & Rescue, where she specialized as a senior apprentice.

Life happened, as life is wont to do; time passed, studies continued, practicals taken, field experience obtained. Eventually Taline received her journeyman's knots, and just sevendays later was involved in the rescue efforts at Blue Fire Hold. Injured in the melee, Taline along with Alexryin was transferred to Half Moon Bay Weyr's infirmary, where she has remained since, recovering from a deep concussion. The plan is for her to remain at the Weyr until the Healers clear her to return to the waters. The practice is yet to be determined.

On-Camera Developments

  • Searched by Teimyrth shortly after Celimoth and Xermiltoth's clutching. Oh, and Ila'den, him too. Shanatea, also searched.
  • Found an egg on the beach which hatched into the ball of energy that was green Staysail.
  • Impressed green Sakrayeth, who renamed her "Aine" — fitting, as it's now the second time she's changed her name (surprise! she was born Talalinnea, which some people knew all along!) and followed many of the life changes of the first one.
  • Tapped to Reef Wing after weyrlinghood, as opposed to Archipelago — surprising, but Reef combines her ability to stick to her craft (where she still mostly did search and rescue!) and indulge Sakrayeth's exploration urges.


Tantalizingly Tropical Green Sakrayeth
Bright, slightly yellowish green is the dominant color for this dragon, though paler hues mark her face and underside and her wings are tinged with teal. Her body is strongly built but compact, the curve of her keel giving her a slightly rounded look, while a relatively short neck that seems to simply blend between head and body does little to alter that impression of extra fluff on her frame. On her head, a mossy green ring-shaped marking sits between small headknobs, like her little halo perched there by her horns. Her muzzle is short and broad, with just a bit of an overbite that tucks her upper teeth over the edge of lower jaw and gives the impression of a downward curve. Beneath her chin begins the splash of pale bay that continues down over the bottom of her neck, along stomach between powerful forelegs until it comes to a point just before her hindlimbs. Those legs are short but strong, well able to to carry her on gray-green paws and curved black talons… though maybe not always as fast as she’d like. Her wings, by way of contrast, are large - almost oversized, and their hue only contributes further to the impression they’ve been borrowed from a larger dragon. The spring green of her back sweeps out along them for about a third of their span before the color shifts to a bluer shade, aquamarine along her spars fading to teal on the semi-translucent sails between. Her tail is similarly large - though shaded entirely a yellowish-green like her back. It’s still proportioned as if to match wings, rather than the rest of her, and has a prominent fork that makes up more of its length than many.


Brown Oxbow
Pure honey drips across this firelizard's back, some trickling down to puddle around his belly. Mahogony dipped paws are preceeded by dark brown neck and shoulders, providing a counterpoint to his burnished neckridges. A rather sturdy brown, not thin, not overly muscled, just right in between. Wide wings tend towards the dark side, gleaming with shadowed brilliance.

Great-Granddaughter Of The Jungle Green Staysail
Pale honeydew is speckled with darker spots, forest green edging around bright mint centers. Narrow leaf-vein streaks run between perked head-knobs along her forehead, a few continuing out along the top of her rounded muzzle. The mottled green spots are large on her sides and back, a bit smaller on her belly - but quite variable overall, with erratic shapes and blotches of irregular size that make a dappled pattern to hide this green in whatever forest or jungle she may find herself… even if that's just a scattering of houseplants. She's clearly a hunter in her build, with a lean body and strong legs that end in agile paws. Her limbs are ringed with partial stripes in a dark green hue, as is the long swish of her tail.



Aine has been in 15 logs since creation.


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