Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Igen Desert
Dragon Bronze Qhatiratrixth
Occupation Weyrling
Craft Vintnercraft
Rank Journeyman
Hair Russet
Eyes Azure

Flyaway russet hair grows in riotous profusion, coppery strands falling to the nape of his neck, suiting his high-cheeked, square-jawed face. Beneath thick, arching brows a few shades darker than his auburn hair, azure eyes watch the world with a weary, cynical humor. An arching, bent-bridged nose, clearly broken at least once before, suggests a certain belligerence, finding an echo in the stubborn set of his firm lips, the defiant jut of a strong, broad chin, all framed by the thick red beard that covers his lower face.

Tall and broad, his frame is whipcord and muscle covered by pale skin, the pinkish undertones enhanced by the shade of his hair. Spare flesh he has little of; the play of muscles and flesh over bone suggest a lifetime of physical labor. His gear is simple; a broad-collared white shirt, sleeves rolled up above his elbows and laces undone to his breastbone. It is tucked into a pair of tight and supple wherhide pants dyed charcoal gray, which in turn disappear into the tops of mid-calf black boots. A braided black-dyed leather belt surrounds his waist, buckled in silver, supporting a simple sheathed belt-knife and a small pouch for everyday necessities



Name Relation Location Position Status
Corlan Foster Father Igen Hold Master Vintner NPC
Mikeel Foster Father Igen Hold Journeyman Miner NPC
Wendyn Foster Sister Monaco Bay Weyr Sr. Apprentice Miner PC


Brown Ale

This is a proud beast if ever there was one, bold and brassy despite his stocky form. Sure one of his legs might be awkwardly truncated, giving him a lopsided gait to match his draconic brethren, but it does not stop him from keeping his head held high. Who wouldn't want to look upon a creature such as he, after all, warm caramel hide emblematic of everything summer is, was, and ever will be. Gilded streaks encircle his eyes before spiralling down the length of his neck, eventually fading away in a gentle gradient along his stomach. Darker chestnut tones arch over handsome brows, swath his spines, and eventually streak across the backs of his wings in a sunburst pattern. He is loud as befits his arrogance, a vocal flit not at all shy about protesting… well, everything. Weather. Housing. Food quality. If you aren't expecting a tiny opinion to be made, best leave him at home.


A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Qhatiratrixth

Ruddy colored and sepia-hued, the slender frame of this dragon is closer to that of a large brown, rather than the bronze that he may portend to be. A claim that seems to have some substance to it, as his narrow shoulders and sides have a certain metallicness to them - a burnished bronze appearing in wide swaths, as if the brown hues have been meticulously rubbed away, though much of the gloss has disappeared with them, leaving only sparse remnants of sheen behind. Too long wings, sails of dull brass, are supported by wide spars of dark bronze - though even that cannot banish the bright, flame-wrought hues of near copper which dance upon the very trailing edge of his sails, as if dawn’s light was captured as Rukbat was breaking the horizon. That bit of brightness, brightness that appears again upon his slim stomach, between his lean limbs, leaves no doubt as to this otherwise dark dragon’s true bronze nature. Darkness which claims his slender head, for coal’s blackness appears upon his eyeridges, shadows drifting backwards over headknobs, drifting down the jagged ridges of his spine - for unlike his underside, no light touches there to brighten them. Yet, as a result of the dark hues surrounding them, his large, faceted eyes are cast into sharper relief while the angular lines of his jaw serve as a reminder that despite his obvious lackings, including the rich color of others, he has the makings of a rather handsome bronze.


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