Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Asst. Headwoman
Hair Long Dark Brown
Eyes Brown

Akiva has long dark brown hair that has a little natural curl to it. This hangs loose half way down her back, except for the front which is almost always kept in braids keeping it from her eyes when she is working. Her skin is a near flawless caramel toned, with copper highlights where the sun has lightly tanned it over the turns. High cheekbones frame slightly tilted dark brown almond shaped eyes on either side of her oddly petite button nose. Her full lips are almost always smiling, like she knows something you don't; that or a silent challenge to keep up. Akiva is tall, five foot ten when barefoot with an athletic build from turns of swimming and surfing off the shores of Half Moon.

Akiva is always in a bathing suit, whether it's a one piece or a bikini is the luck of the draw, whatever she grabbed from the basket that morning. In just her suit, it's quite easy to see her feline tattoos winding around her limbs and back. Over that is probably a loose sundress that hangs almost to her knees. Today it's light blue with some green vines embroidered along the hems. She's most likely barefooted, unless some said she just /had/ to wear shoes today. If so, then she's wearing a barely there pair of sandals.

Pinned to the shoulder of the dress are her knots: blended cord of purple/blue-green, and black that shows she is a resident and Asst. to the Headwoman at Half Moon Weyr.


Akiva was born and raised at Half Moon Bay. She's the product of a disappointed Teimyrth losing a greenfight. Ila'den and Jathea met rather quickly in the aftermath and a couple sevendays shy of nine months later, Akiva started kicking and punching her way to freedom. Her parents were only together the once but have always been amicable to each other. Akiva was most always a happy brat, except when she's told /NO/ (she still does not respond well to being told 'no'), spending many days underfoot in the kitchen when she was younger. On more than one occasion Jathea would practically throw her to Ila'den for him to deal with when Akiva's antics had the cook at her wits end. She loves her dad fiercely, and anyone else he calls family, often referring to his mates as mom and dad as well. Siblings? Oh yea, there are a bunch. She gets along with them for the most part, but even now every so often, crap happens and there's a little sibling throw down . If you are stupid enough to try breaking it up though, all brawling parties may just turn on you!

As she got older, her mom stopped being so restrictive. As long as Akiva didn't get in trouble or hurt, and did her chores properly, she was allowed to do as she pleased as long she was back every evening! And what pleased the islander weyrbrat was swimming, surfing, exploring the surrounding islands, and trying to collect cats. She was always bringing home a stray kitten or cat she found that needed some love and a home. Most times her mother put her foot down on this, but every so often she would cave. Thus Akiva most always had a couple of cats as she grew up. And if there isn't one around her, she carries them with her where ever she goes, thanks to a couple of well done tattoos slinking about somewhere around her limbs. Akiva is an excellent swimmer and very good surfer. But when she has to come inside, she's most always been quite helpful in the kitchen. Over the turns, she's often been sent on odd little tasks and errands, and just otherwise proved very helpful and creative with solving problems to everyone's' satisfaction. It's for this reason she found herself cornered one morning by the battle-ready broom-wielding Headwoman herself.

For whatever reason, she was in need of a new right hand and that's how Akiva came to be Headwoman Cosima's Assistant! She's had the job a few turns now and so far there don't seem to be any complaints. Well, major ones that is. Can't please everyone all the time, or so they say. And if you complain too much, Akiva just may hurl a cat at you!


Name Relation Location Position
Jathea Mother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Ila'den Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider with Bronze Teimyrth
R'hyn Step-Dad (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrleader with Bronze Xermiltoth
Kilyanna Grandmother (Ila'den) Deceased Trader
Taraden Grandfather (Ila'den) Deceased Trader
Kiltara Aunt (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
E'ros Uncle (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider Bronze Iidenskapurth
Caelei Half-Sister (Ila'den) Fort Weyr Resident
Risali Half-Sister (Ila'den) Xanadu Weyr Junior Weyrwoman with Gold Leirith
Veliren Adopted Brother (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kielric Half-Brother (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Valerian Half-Brother (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Apprentice Starcrafter
Ibsyglei Half-Sister (Ila'den) Half Moon Bay Weyr Baby
Vauril Cousin (Kiltara) Unknown Renegade
Taeski Cousin (Kiltara) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kiorel Cousin (Kiltara/E'ros) Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Katrel Cousin (Kiltara/E'ros) Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Kiric Cousin (Kiltara) Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat



Our Princess is in Another Castle Brown - Mario
This firelizard holds himself at attention constantly as best he can despite his awkward proportions. He's small and round, with varying shades of lighter brown coloring him from head to toe with the exception of his protruding beige underside. This is also accompanied with darker mahogany blotches which adhere to no pattern as they're formed across his thick skull and broad back. Both stumpy tail and short wings are the color of khaki, and make him less than ideal for balancing on his thick legs and small feet. However, his bright and large eyes always seem to give the impression he's listening at all times.

Thank you Aliona/Quinn!!!

Need a Bigger Boat Blue - Bruce
Something about this firelizard comes across as menacing. Maybe it's the rough appearance of his slate-colored hide, or perhaps that dazzling pale streak that stretches across his maw. Each of his tiny spines is curved like a fin, with a blunted edge, trailing down to a long tail which forks out at an impressive length compared to his size. His wings, painted a deeper blue color seem naturally frayed at the edges, and his muscular form only adds to the appearance of a hungry predator, eager for the first drop of blood.

Thank you S'dny/Quinn!!!


Title OOC Date Cast
A Friendly Wager (only, there is no wager) October 26, 2017 Akiva, S'van
Life of The Table October 29, 2017 R'sner, Akiva, Baylee
Surfs Up October 30, 2017 Akiva, Kelani, S'van
Beach Chat December 5, 2017 Akiva, R'sner
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