Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Weyr
Place of Birth Crom Hold
Occupation Bluerider @ HMW & Security Professional; former Guard
Hair White-blonde
Eyes Clear, deep Green
Dragon Blue Jorynth

Vaguely aloof yet aware, disinterested yet keenly observant, this rather stoic-seeming woman seems to radiate an aura of self-confidence, poised intent, and capability, her flat gaze silently speaking of scenes both light and dark witnessed over the Turns.
Her shapely skull is enshrouded in a controlled nimbus of fine, yet thick hair that reaches mid-back in a heavy braid. Its color is a blonde so very light as to appear nearly silvery-white, with faintly golden highlights scattered within. Wide, luminous green eyes glint with with transluscence from inner tsavorite curves to outer rims of emerald, lightly veiled beneath thick, platinum lashes which dust the pinkened curves of high cheekbones. Slender brows of a shade one darker than her hair arch gently over deep-hued eyes, and smaller ears with tiny lobes — set flush against her head — taper up to gentle, vague hints of peaks, while slightly sensual lips are oft twitched into whatever expression that reflects her current take on the world. Her skin is very fair and evenly-toned, perfect companion to otherworldly, almost bewitching eyes and moon worshipping tresses.
The tests and travails of a more difficult life tell in the cool frostfire lingering behind her gaze, the subtle little lines at brow and corners of mouth which deepen at the pull of more negative emotions. There is strength and deep determination within this one — a cool hint of challenge offered, or cold and dark intent promised — when she looks upon others, eyes narrowing and darkening with hints of what lies within.
At her lower waist is buckled a weaponsbelt of brown leather, from which depends a sheathed, wickedly-long knife at the left, a few small belt pouches at the fronts, and a regular, sheathed dagger at right. Between her shoulders — supported by a buckled leather strap which spans her torso betwixt breasts and canted towards her right shoulderblade — is what is likely a sheathed blade of good size…perhaps a sword.
Though she wears full length pants, they're of lightweight, breathable cotton and blouse out slightly from her firm legs to allow for unhindered air flow and movement. Brown boots of relatively newer leather mould to shapely, strong legs, reaching upper calf — the outside of their legs at mid-calf bearing small, dull brass buckles that cinch closed over hidden zippers at inner boot. Thick soles are tough and deeply treaded, and the rounded toes bear hidden and internal hardened plastic plates, as do the heels: shit kickers on the sly.
At her shoulder is the knot of a Half Moon Weyr bluerider, the patch on her riding jacket showing her to be in Archipelago Wing.
She appears to be in her mid to late twenties.


Alida was born the first child and only daughter of a Cromese Captain of the Hold's Watch Guard and a senior Journeyman teaching Harper at Crom Hold. She was an independent and martial spirit, much like her father, and after a fractious and intensive childhood with more than its fair shares of hard lessons and fights, the girl of 13 Turns was accepted into the Crom Hold Guard's learning ranks. During her 6 Turns of intensive training, Alida learned not only about the ways of the professional soldier, but also of not only the good side of people, but also of the seamier and darker sides of Pernese folk.
At age 18, after passing her final 'exams,' Alida was given the equivalent 'rank' of journeyman in her 'craft': the young woman now a corporal under her father's rather authoritarian-conducted Guard system in Crom. As the Turns passed, she proved herself not only competent at her work, but highly skilled in martial abilities, especially bow and crossbow, sword, staff, and small blades, as well as hand-to-hand combat types. She also had a near sixth sense for discovering the hiding locations of escaped criminals or people on the run, for whatever reason, and the Guard put her talents to frequent use, especially in search and rescue, manhunts, and sometimes surveillance and information gathering as to the whereabouts of renegade factions.
It was at age 22 that, during a carefully planned raid of a small but potent renegade faction's camp in High Reaches territory that a mixed cadre of Cromese and High Reachian Hold Guards — with Alida and her father among their ranks — was subjected to a sneak attack and nearly wiped out. Only Alida, two of her fellow corporals, and her father surviving. Her father was used as a hostage by the heads of the renegade faction to ensure the full cooperation of all three of the loyal, lower ranked Guards. For over 2 Turns, the four were forced to perform acts that would soon label them as renegades in order to keep Alida's father alive…though none of the former Guards were pushed so far as to have to utterly refuse to cooperate. It was a careful balancing act by the renegade faction's leaders to keep them all cowed as possible, and to contain any potential rebellion. Little did the renegades know that all this time, the Guardsmen were slowly assembling a plan to free themselves from captivity, to escape and return to their homes when they could, and clear their names. This plan was finally accomplished one night in the late Spring, the quartet using old and new hidey holes in the wilderness made by them in the past and present to evade re-capture.
It was only after finally returning to Crom Hold — when the four were dragged before the then Lord Holder to account for their crimes — that Alida and her father learned of her mother's death in childbirth a Turn before. The mercy of the Lord of Crom was not absent, but was certainly not gracious, either: he demoted Alida's father to a private, stripped the others of their ranks, and imprisoned Alida's father for a term of 2 Turns. The former corporals were told they could never be Guards in Crom or High Reaches ever again, and would likely be shunned from attempting to become such again at other holds, and were exiled from Crom Hold for life.
Wandering for over a Turn, left to her own devices and ignominious shame, Alida (now under the assumed alias of Leeta) had taken on the burden of a 'freelancer': a mercenary who ekes out a meager living by the skills of her hands, mind, body. Her formerly staunch loyalty and nearly unquestioning obedience were burned away to near-ashes, becoming simmering anger, jaded bitterness, and an unspoken, private loneliness. After a Turn-and-a-half, she found a decent stint of work at Blue Fire Hold in Half Moon's/Western Island territory as the chief of security of natural gas refinery and gas transport areas at the Hold…a time of rare peace and stability for the wandering woman.
About half a Turn later, she was Searched by Half Moon Weyr for Ilyscaeth's and Xermiltoth's clutch (that produced Chauth), and wound up being left standing. Unfazed, the Holder woman returned to her loved work at Blue Fire…only to be overcome by her traumatic past about 6 months into her resumed work. On her Holder's (and mindhealer's) orders, the woman left for Ierne and Southern Pern to recover on sabbatical (still seeing her mindhealer all the time) for about 8 months. In that time, she was able to get her now-released from prison father and youngest brother a home at Ierne, also safely away from the small, leftover group of Renegades that wanted their lives. She discovered more about Pern, and also took up her old passion, once more: guitar.
Finally, Leeta returned to her Blue Fire work, this time more mentally stable, and took up her work again…only to be Searched once more not more than three months in for Chauth's and Ysgieuth's clutch. It was her last time on the Sands, for she'd soon be 30 Turns and ineligible for Search…but blue Jorynth's decidedly possessive sitting upon her torso made such concerns invalid…the blue insisting on her true name being taken up once again: Alida.
After an only-occasionally tempestuous weyrlinghood (thanks, Jor!) the bluepair graduated with their 'mates, both Alida and Jorynth showing excellence and steadiness, the two of them showing much promise for ranking positions after they'd been in the real Wings awhile.
At this point, the pair serve in the Search and Rescue Wing, Archipelago, and when not drilling or doing the real thing, they hire out their services as guards/protection/winged police to whomever is in need of their professional services.


Name Relation Location Position
Davon Father Ierne Local Ground Transport Chief
Alicaine Mother Deceased teaching Harper
Ducaine Brother 1 Varies Senior Journeyman Seacrafter/Fisher: Captain
Dalvan Brother 2 Ierne child resident

AGES (based off of Alida's current age): Davon: +28 Turns; Ducaine: -2 Turns; Dalvan: -23 Turns.


Brown Aegis (Dessert Brown): Cinnamon melts across his chocolate hide, blending softly into caramel across this proud brown's deep chest and belly, into his strong, balanced tail. His well-formed wings are much darker, almost black in contrast to his pearl-white talons, and intent eyes are set a bit deep below their protective 'ridges. A ginger tone creeps into sturdy, well-shaped limbs, rendering him a delectable creature indeed!

Blue Khan: (Crazed Blue): Deliriously enraged with utter, convinced spirit, a torrent of debris-infested water surges throughout deep, dulled color-choked hide, furiously flinging about to every long, wiry limb and the passionate, deranged blue whirlwind orbs. Withheld by no blockade, the glittering waters crash and despoil all they dare touch, in a twisting, wild style of pure insanity, lithe and devious with long, tattering claws; o'er land and through the hills, all are swept up in fury, madness, and utter exhilaration.

Green Danae (AUGH IT'S A 'SNAKE!' Green): There really is something rather sinister and sinuous about this large green. It's something in the shape of her face, maybe, narrow and flat, rounded eyes seeming to accuse you of a thousand terrible acts you've never even considered, nevertheless committed. Her movements are slow and ponderous, as though determining their validity before ever she takes them. It gives her a sort of confidence, as well as a certain sense of judgment, for shouldn't you be willing and able to do this, too? No? Hm, as she thought. She's gorgeous, at least, hide a strong shade of juniper dappled liberally with deep phalos and ribbons of dark forest hues. They sweep back from her eyes in long brushed streaks, similar striations of glittering jade and sparkling celadon woven betwixt and between. Her hide lightens naturally from spine to stomach, tiny markings that are almost like scales weaving the discrepancies of her appearance together into a delightful whole.

Blue Tempest (Death in the Deeps Blue): Deep dark pthalos and storm-surge blues cloak this firelizard's hide, jagged, cragged whitecaps scraping along his sides and sweeping down the backs of his wings. Despite being brisk and unforgiving, these colors are almost poisoned somehow, a pebbled, oily sheen lurking just beneath the surface. The effect is that of a monster disguising itself as something it is not, something wild, heathen, and strange lurking just beneath waters that are already turbulent enough. Indeed, he's a seething, unkind beast, prone to fits of jealousy that brews and boils beneath his skin in an almost literal fashion. His body movements are best described as undulating, some part of him always swaying as if on the tide, but for as uncanny as it is, it is also safe. In his case, a still firelizard is a firelizard that is plotting a demise, and one can be sure it will not be an enjoyable one.


Dire Plans For Destiny Blue Jorynth

He is thunder's dark bruising of a starry night, a creature comprised of teeming energy, barely leashed by the confines of this mortal form. His personality bursts at the seams of his existence, a spirit far larger than life cloaked in a stygian hide. Lightning flickers along the broad expanse of his chest, arcing through clouds in a manner both menacing and exuberant, perhaps demonstration of an inner nature that will never be tamed. Facial features seem forged of blackened steel-blue, a strong nose emphasized by high cheekbones and a stern brow. Cunning eyes peer from beneath them, lined with clever streaks of chalk and kohl, giving the permanent impression of one basking in a great inner amusement. Scorched metal fits itself around his headknobs and down his neck, armored plates sweeping across each shoulder whilst allowing wings to move freely. These are kept carelessly tucked at his sides, the effortlessness of their loose rustle emblematic of deep inner strength and more than middling arrogance. When stretched for flight, they are things of fear and beauty both, star-spangled leading edges ruined by a stormclouds splattered violently across their breadth. Their undersides seem at first to be the deep, empty darkness of a starless night, but when light shines through them a complex knotwork reveals itself to any that might take shelter beneath. A similar pattern circles each paw in rings so tight and close they resemble gloves, deep, dark sapphire interrupted only by sharp silver claws at their very tip.


Theme song: The Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) :

"Ahhh, ah!

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land
To fight the horde and sing, and cry
Valhalla, I am coming

On we sweep with, with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore

Ahhh, ah!

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

How soft your fields so green. Can whisper tales of gore
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords

On we sweep with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore

So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins
For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh
Ooh. Ah
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh!"


Alida is naturally ambidextrous/ambidextral, though, for very specific tasks, she sometimes prefers to use one hand over another, given conditions, mood, or tool.

Playlist: 'Riders on the Storm': ; 'Pull Me Under':


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