She somehow doesn't exude the proper air to make her seem tall. In fact, she doesn't seem to even be the height that she is (though it's around 5'6" now), and instead has an air to her of being somehow far more delicate and smaller. She's built athletically for her size, and seems to enjoy her days in the sun, but her trim and toned figure is blossoming in all the right places with the onset of womanly virtues. She's quite attractive, nearly fey looking, with her slightly tilted eyes and ready, if shy, smile. Even her ears have just the hints of points to them - a complete lie, made visible as such by the way her ears are shaped and seen against her head. She is fair-skinned, smooth and youthful. Her large eyes are a blue so deep that newborn morning could be reflected there, flecks of grey scattered around each iris like stepping stones in a pool. She has a fine bone structure, not terribly heavy at all, but not breakable either. Her platinum blonde hair falls to mid-back, neither straight nor curly, but wavy as a happy medium, falling over her shoulders playfully. Her pale lips are often smiling and laughing, joking, sometimes mischievous, but rarely angry.

She's tanned quite darkly, a golden color like baked bread almost, but her hair is a bit lighter white-blonde courtesy of the same sun that darkened the rest of her. She's wearing copious beads and jewelry that consists of shells and oceanic creatures at her wrists and throat, though nothing is pierced. A long colorful skirt of red, black, yellow, and purple, pleated and tiered, falls from her waist to her ankles, and at her torso is a white long-sleeved peasant blouse made of a light cottony fabric that lets her skin breathe even in summer, tucked into the skirt. At her hair is a kerchief around the top of her head, tied to hold the long, slightly curly length back to her back - but for the little braids that fall down her shoulders from behind it, three to a side. There are even some little flat strappy sandals at her feet that tie off nearer the knee than the ankle (the closest she can get to barefoot without actually running barefoot).


Born to a greenrider (A'tia) and a brownrider (M'ran) after a mating flight, Amarante spent most of her life in Half Moon Bay Hold raised by her Craftrider mother and rescue-ops father when they could spare the time - she was otherwise raised by A'tia's parents in the FisherCraft. A'tia was a Fisher-Rider, trawling carefully upon the back of her dragon and bringing the results to shore for processing. Given the dolphineer center on the island at the Hold, her fishing enterprises were done with their aid to avoid catching what shouldn't be caught, or wasn't desired. M'ran's work was less frequent, but more dangerous, when the need called for it, but he felt it was a worthy enough cause that he didn't mind. Their only daughter grew up running the beaches and generally living as most of the other Hold children, spending time between her parents' weyrs and her grandparents' home. She developed an interest in dragonriding from the start, of course, but also the dolphineers. Liking the outdoors far more than the indoors, and the sun more than the tropical storms, Amarante felt pretty sure of her own future on the island. Both of her parents felt the same as she approached the age for Searches to key in on her if she were to be chosen. While M'ran hoped his daughter would become a dragonrider, A'tia had seen her daughter's curiosity for the dolphins that leaped through the blue waters she trawled and privately hoped for a different fate.

The way things work, however, it was M'ran's hopes that were answered first. Not too long after her fourteenth Turn, a rider from Xanadu Weyr found her on Search. She left everything she knew behind to give it a go, but promised her mother that if she hadn't Impressed within a decent amount of time, then she would return to the Hold and the dolphins. She didn't Impress her first year. She's worked with the animals in the stable, learning how to help break them for riding and keeping them clean, to stay busy and make herself useful in the interim.

Amarante was Searched adn left standing on the sands at Xanadu for a second time. She decided to visit Half Moon Bay and her dragonrider parents after this, and became a Candidate at Western Weyr - quite unexpectedly Searched there. Left standing for a third time, she has since decided to spend her time at Western while Apprenticing with the DolphinCraft at long last.

During her stay at Western, Eastern bronzer Es'nak Searched her for the clutch on Eastern's sands. This time, her dragon had been shelled - and much to her pleasure and surprise, Gold Theiath was the one chosen for her lifemate.

But her weyrlinghood was short lived. Soon after the hatching, Eastern had drama happen. Nobody is quite sure on the details, but the most accepted and general story is that new leadership in the form of a new Senior wound up ostracizing several key members of the weyr. It even affected the weyrling class, who disbanded for other weyrs in several cases. Amarante and her young lifemate were flown to Ierne WeyrHold, where several members of Eastern had fled. Her weyrlinghood was spent in the care of these few riders, who taught her what they could, as well as other veteran riders resident at the WeyrHold.

Once old enough to go between, Theiath ushered in several months worth of visitation trips out of Ierne. Amarante discovered that her old friend, Arkoss, had settled in Fort, and was more or less the weyrmate of one of the Juniors there. She discovered Ch'tra had left the weyrleader position at Ista, but remained there as a rider. And there would come much more…

With a gold growing closer to her first flight and clutch, Amarante finally decided to return to Western, her home, and see if she could settle there. She was in luck, as she was accepted as a Junior Weyrwoman alongside familiar faces at the weyr itself. Thus, the prodigal daughter has finally returned home, and not a moment too soon: Theiath will surely be on her maiden flight and in need of sands for her clutch within another handful of fortnights, and Amarante means to be well and truly settled into her routine by that point.

Amarante has been the subject of a flurry of romantic activity in a hurry, all without her meaning it to happen. Rumors abound that a bronze weyrling of Xanadu named Ch'tra has an interest in her, while others point out how moping and heartbroken Beastcraft Apprentice Arkoss (who came with her to Western and left for Xanadu after the Hatching at the weyr yielded no results for him) was often around her. Still others point out smugly that Amarante has stayed put in Western and has been seen in the company of another Apprentice in the Beastcraft: Brenn. Who knows what will happen there?

Apparently, the world found out. Brenn and Amarante were not only no more, the story is that he virtually ran off and left her. Her suspicions were recently confirmed by an old friend from Western who claimed that Brenn had been with his ex-weyrmate during the time Amarante was supposed to be with Brenn - and that he may well have been with another Candidate on the side. Having never known this, Amarante was gutted, most especially given Arkoss found his happiness, and Ch'tra and she have recently grown apart. The secrets people keep…

For the moment, Amarante isn't sure where she stands, but she means to keep herself free of bonds for a while. She's a Junior Weyrwoman now. She has too much to learn even without wanting or having a weyrmate.


Name Relation Location Position
M'ran father WEW/HMB brownrider: Search & Rescue
A'tia mother WEW/HMB greenrider: FisherCraft
Unknown half-brother Unknown Craft - unknown


Stubborn Angel Green Murphy
Greens are often small and this one is no different. However, she seems to carry her size as if she were as big as the golds and bronzes. Well-built, for a green, she is very solid in her mass. The greens that play along her body are varied, but keep more to the foresty end of the spectum — save, up near her head, where they become pale almost to the point of a yellow-blonde. This color cascades down her neck ridges and disappears between her wings.

Murphy is banded in the black, purple, and blue-green colors of Western Weyr.

Murphy is 44 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 71 cm.

Terror of the Inferno Bronze Nicodemus
This bronze is bold and bright. Swaths of intense color, reddish coppers and golden brass, reach up around his body as if being consumed by flames under a translucent hide. His belly and underside is dark like coal with gleaming smudges of jadite and violet here and there, reaching up small tendrils here and there that dissipate into a pale smokey hazy reaching along his back and out his winspars, murky warm grey with a metallic shimmer at the correct angle. Wings are large for his body with sails of the same smokey tones licked at the edged with the intense coppery flames of his main form. He's an oddly shaped sort, with a long neck and tail and a rather compact, squarish body. His snout is short and blunt, and there's a suspicious look to his rather small inset eyes.

Nicodemus is banded in the black, purple, and blue-green colors of Western Weyr.

Nicodeumus is 59 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 95 cm.

Ailuropoda Melanoleuca Blue Pudge
The Ailuropoda Melanoleuca Blue is, and always will be, quite the roly-poly fellow. His preferred method of transportation is, surprisingly, on all-fours — though, he's slow and clumsy, shuffling along on four pudgy limbs. His snout is short and close to his face, giving him a "squished" appearance, as is his snout had been pressed rather closely to his shell while he was egg-bound, stunting growth. As far as colouring goes, this blue is quite the looker! All four limbs seem to have been dipped in a deep, dark cobalt blue; the paint was allowed to drip over his back, leaving a thin stripe across his shoulders. Also painted are his stubby muzzle, as well as splotches around both eyes — his headknobs, too, have been coated with dark blue. The remaining parts of him — his head, neck, belly, and tail — are a much, much lighter blue, reminiscent of the sky on a clear, sunny day.

Pudge is banded in the black, purple, and blue-green colors of Western Weyr.

Pudge is 47 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 76 cm.


The Elusive Wild Gold Theiath

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