Long and thin, she sadly lacks any real feminine shape. This womans body is very flat, long athletic legs and arms to match. Her shoulders are thin, and skin a pale color as if she either can not tan or is not out in the sun often enough to gain color. Though the rest of her limbs match her height of 5'10, her hands do not. Small stubby fingers, petite as if they belong to a smaller girl. Her face is heart shaped with a chin that comes to a point that is much to severe for one with such bright blue eyes, framed by eye lashes that are so pale they are barely visible. Surrounding her face is pale blonde hair, the strands are bright platinum blonde and flow straight down her back to her waist.


Raised in Campbells Holds. Ameera grew up very spoiled, being the eldest daughter of the Lord Holder she was expected to go off and get married. She had no problem with this plan, and was her fathers favorite. Waiting on the day to come that her father would find a suitable man to marry his first daughter to, she learned the basics of the weaver craft and went to Telgar hold to learn from the harper as often as she was allowed to.


Name Relation Location Position
Adeena Daughter Western Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Flame

Green Gigi

Green Fifi



Transformed by Love Gold Elinath


The golden hues of sunflower petals have been settled like an elegant cloak upon this tiny gold's body, each rich yellow piece joining together to flow seamlessly along her perfectly proportioned back. A slight dip before her lean haunches, the gorgeous flowery hues settle into the shadows of her wispy tail, though they never lose the glory of their color. Fields of golden poppies bloom freely upon her smooth stomach, darker than her back, as they spread along her neck, settling lightly on her delicate muzzle and head knobs, as if a light breeze could blow away the color at a moment's notice. Ridges of goldenrod are settled upon her back, beginning atop her head like a carefully placed tiara, before they finish their fall, never out of line, down her back like a thick plait. Wings are like limbs - long and limber, each field of golden poppies dusted with saffron pollen, translucent sails the palest part of her body - the soothing rays of the sun caught upon their stretched surfaces.

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