Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Occupation Bartender
Hair Copper
Eyes Dark Blue
Played By Christina Hendricks

This young woman is of average height, but that's probably the only thing about her appearance that could possibly be deemed 'average.' Hourglass, buxom, voluptuous—none of those words do justice in describing the extreme curves of her body. Her skin is fair with a clear complexion unmarred by any freckle or blemish. A heart-shaped face is framed by thick, fiery copper hair that falls in loose waves to shoulder length. Narrow red eyebrows are arched over large, round eyes a deep navy-blue in color. High cheekbones, a slim, pert nose and plump, rosy lips combine to form an undeniably attractive countenance.

A cheery yellow dress embellished with green seabirds adorns her curvy frame. Thin shoulder straps are stretched taut, fighting to hold up an ample bosom. The yellow fabric hugs extensive curves, from broad chest to narrow waist to wide hips. The hem ends just above the knee, and a wherhide belt dyed the same sunny yellow color helps to add even more definition to the waist. Black sandals are attached to her feet by the use of several black wherhide straps that criss-cross over slim ankles.

She appears to be roughly 22 turns old.


A ditzy chatterbox with a tendency to babble, Andy is outgoing and gregarious—probably to a fault. She is vain and obnoxiously overconfident in her looks, and loves living on the beach now because it gives her an excuse to wear truly ridiculous bathing suits all the time. She frequently drinks to excess and flirts shamelessly with anyone and everyone. Overall she's just an irrepressible partygirl out to have a good time.


Over twenty turns ago, Reina's green Cisterath rose over Telgar Weyr and was caught by A'dan's brown Magellidoth. The riders—who never exactly got along before the flight-shared one night of passion and promptly went back to pointedly ignoring each other. The requisite nine months later, Reina gave birth to a chubby baby girl with a shock of bright copper hair that she and A'dan jointly decided to name Andreanna. Andreanna (fondly dubbed 'Andy' by the nannies of Telgar Weyr) spent the first decade of her life being raised with the other weyrbrats at Telgar. Despite her parents' antipathy toward each other they were both fond of their daughter and thus Andy's childhood was a fairly happy one.

In an effort to broaden her horizons Andy was fostered off to High Reaches Weyr and raised by Pallas, an assistant to the headwoman. Pallas despaired of her newest fosterchild's complete lack of industry, but because she had several other biological and foster children to take care of she never really had the chance to instill certain qualities like 'modesty' or a 'work ethic' in her youngest. As a result Andreanna grew up wild-free-spirited at best and reckless at worst. Beginning in her later teenage years, Andy took a particular shine to binge drinking and flirting, both of which would eventually lead to her primary past time: making Bad Choices.

One particularly bad choice Andy made happened in her twenty-second turn, when she decided to leave High Reaches with a vintner journeyman she had taken as a lover. But at least that bad decision had a happy ending. She travelled with him to the beautiful Emerald Island where she fell thoroughly in love. Not with the vintner (that guy was kind of the worst) but with the island. After spending her entire adult life in the snowy wastes of the 'Reaches, Andy decided that she was ready to settle down in paradise for awhile. She took a job at the Tiki Lounge at Half Moon Bay Weyr which suits her temperament and her particular talents just fine.


Name Relation Location Position
A'dan Father Telgar Weyr Rider to Brown Magellidoth
Reina Mother Telgar Weyr Rider to Green Cisterath
Pallas Fostermother High Reaches Weyr Assistant Headwoman





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