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Gender Female
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Occupation Stablehand
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown

The woman before you is short, but not squat by any means. Her body is lean and muscled, suggesting physical labor is a daily thing for her. Her shoulders are broad, but not in a masculine way. Her features are soft - light brown eyes peek out from long lashes while her nose seems just a tad crooked. Her lips are full and naturally dark. An oval face leads to a rounded chin and long neck. Unruly hair seems to go every which way, tight curls short at her forehead and longer in the back, barely touching her shoulders.

Unfortunately, her clothes tend to be more for work than for attractiveness. Her legs are encased in a pliable leather. A dark blue tunic is belted around her waist and it has seen better days. On chilly days, she has a threadbare, comfy-looking green sweater on. She's always in boots, the leather laced up to to her mid-calf. The leather is thickened over her toes and has signs of being abused - they're scuffed and worn.


Areia grew up with her beast crafter parents at Fort along with her two older sisters and one younger brother. Their life was pretty simple, but Areia and her parents disagreed on a few very important things - such as what Arei was going to do with her life. Her parents wanted her to follow in their tracks and join the beast craft, but Areia was afraid of being tied down to one place and being "stifled" by the craft, so she refused. She agreed to learn about the craft from her parents but never officially joined as an apprentice. It became a major point of contention between parents and daughter. Finally at age 19 she decided to leave with the hopes of finding a new home, being independent, and hopefully finding a beast-related job that didn't involve joining the craft. She hitched a ride with an old dragonrider friend to Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
John Marck Father
Juna Marck Mother



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Desc coming soon!


Title OOC Date Cast
Two Blondes, One Tub February 11, 2013 Rou'x, Areia, Iolain
Party Hardy with a Wet Noodle February 16, 2013 Areia, Enka, Ila'den, Kayse, Naris, Rhadan, Rou'x, Sundari, V'ric, Zi'on
Rhadan and the Moody Girls February 17, 2013 Rou'x, Areia, Rhadan, Kazuto
Heart to Heart February 18, 2013 Areia, Rou'x
Ladies' Night at the Perfect Alibi February 22, 2013 Areia, Kayse, Rhadan, Sundari, Zi'on
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