Her loose light blonde curls have been cut short, barely reaching down to her shoulders. Her oval face has lost some of it's baby fat but is still nice and full, a testament to the fact that she is still a growing girl. A pair of dark brown almond shaped eyes are surrounded by warmer brown thick eye lashes that curl back naturally. Her nose starts off narrow but widens slightly as it comes to an end. She usually sports a crooked smile, her pearly white teeth peeking out rather often. Her frame has filled out but she is still more on the skinny side, her lightly tanned skin displaying less nicks than before.

Aryll is wearing a pair of of faded gray shorts that reach down to her mid thigh. A casual buttoned shirt in vivid red covers her torso, a single pocket placed over her left breast. The first three buttons of the shirt have been left open in order to give her a bit more freedom. It also helps to show off a little silver necklace that holds a pendant with three red sapphires. On her feet she wears a pair of gray sandals, the straps fastening around her ankles.



Born and raised in Ista Weyr, Aryll is the daughter of greenrider Arya. When she was only one turn old her mother passed away from an illness, leaving the child soley in the care of the nannies. She was a thorn in their sides, always getting into some trouble be it playing Renegades and Riders or opening the pen to let the heardbest out. Her father was never a part of her life, mostly due to the fact that her mother was never sure who the father was, seeing that she was a very popular woman. Even as she grew older Aryll still kept some childish habits. She loves telling far fetched stories, can be a bit brash, but all in all she has a good heart.

When she turned thirteen her uncle, Azrion, sent for her. Being a Master in the Technology craft he wished his niece to learn the trade. Aryll showed some interest in the craft, intensely curious about technology, but her interest waned rapidly. When she stopped attending lessons all together her uncle sent her away, having no patience for her immaturity. But the journey outside of the Weyr sparked her curiosity and so she began hitching rides with her best friend James' father whenever she could. It was on one of these trips that she found herself in Western Weyr with the chance to watch Onauth clutch her eggs. After Pl'k was through with his duty the trio was ready to return home, but their return would have to wait. Ista Weyr was under quarentine because of a mystery rash outbreak so they were forced to take resident up at Western until they were allowed to return home.

It was during this time that Aryll was Searched. She agreed and made a few friends during Candidacy, but times were dark. Many attacks were rumored to be occuring around Western, pirates. Because of this security was heightened in the Weyr, but it wasn't enough to stop the kidnappings that occurred. No one was spared, not even Candidates. In order to lift the spirits of the Weyr a masked ball was held, dressed as a weasel Aryll attended with her friend Fyra. They enjoyed the night but not for long, before the ball could end a group of pirates crashed the party, asking for T'eo the Weyrleader. A fight broke out and before anyone could understand fully what was going on Fyra was taken as a hostage and the bandits fled. Aryll did her best to deter the men but she was no match for them. Luckily they did not all get away and so they discovered the whereabouts of Fyra and the rest of the captured.

A raid was planned by dragon and ship and all were asked to help, as long as they were over eighteen. Aryll pleaded with those in charge of the rescue but they said she was not allowed to go. The eggs finally cracked and Aryll was left standing, soon after the Hatching ships set sail for the island and Aryll stowed away. Finally they reached their destination and a great battle took place in which all the pirates were apprehended, the leader being taken between, they'd won. After spending some time with Fyra in Western Aryll decided it was time to head home. She arrived in Ista armed with tales of her adventures, most of them exaggerating her role in the rescue. Before long however she was Searched again, this time for her home Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Arya Mother Deceased Deceased Istan Greenrider


Bronze Pan

This bronze is more long in body than he is tall, few sheening spots giving away his metallic look. His muzzle is shortened, sloping downwards with large inquisitive whirling eyes and widespread glistening bronzen headknobs. His muzzle is dulled to a near-blackness, more matching on a brown, only to melt away into the polished color from his 'knobs down his neck and chest. It blossoms brightly and then is quickly smeared in russet that makes up most of the rest of his body and his slim aerodynamic wings. It trails down his long thick tail only to have the end burnt near-black, matching his face. His shortened legs end in wicked onyx claws, each dipped to the base of the limbs in the shadowy hue.

Blue Talaimon

There's a wild spark in this blue's whirling eyes as he peers at the world with too much curiosity, too much intelligence, and too much energy to be dealt with easily. His face is average length, jaw nearly always dropped open in a firelizard-grin and dipped in ivory white up to his ridges where it darkens into more electric blue that reaches up to his low-set headknobs. His body is square-like, though musculature, with streamlined for added agility in flight, all in frosted blue — a contrast to the slate blue and dark blue splotches that mark the rest of his body, down to the white-dusted delicate feet. His tail is of short length; so short it's used more of a rudder than anything else, though it's always on the move, twitching with excitement or just needing something to do.



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