A soft, rounded young woman, Ashkaldyn is obviously fond of the baked goods. Her face is a round circle, with a little upturned nose, pouty lips, and grey eyes. The overall impression is one of chubby softness, perhapes "cute", though certainly not pretty. Her black hair is coiled around her head in a tight braid, it's true length concealed.

Ashkaldyn never wears pants. She wears skirts, or dresses, but never anything that will reveal her legs. Her favorite colors are neutrals, or soft blues and greens. She is not flashy in her clothing, and prefers modest cuts.


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Name Relation Location Position
Ashalyn Mother Western Weyr Bluerider to Korundath
K'bryn (Kolbaryn) Father Western Weyr Greenrider to Nyuileth
relative relation location position


Bronze Knut
Spritely, this lighter built bronze is light on his talons. Toned muscle ripple beneath the well kept suede-like hide that covers his body. Wedge head swivels upon elongated neck with rather prominent ridges jut out like pulled caramel, and in the hue too. In fact most of his body carries a caramel-bronze hue, lighter and darker in places. Perhaps this is due to an uneven dipping scheme in the shell, or else just a play of light and shadow as he moves. A lighter metallic buttery-bronze garners across the wide expanse of his wingsails.

(insp: A caramel apple)

Color Name


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