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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Birthplace
Occupation Occupation
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This young woman carries herself with a subtle intensity. Taller than some females her same age she bears herself with lethal grace at 5 foot 10. Slightly slanted, snapping brown eyes flash with her emotions easily going from laidback to exasperated depending on the situation before her. Perfectly straight black hair frames an elongated face with high cheekbones and a slightly off centered nose that isn't quite straight on her face. Her dusky skin tone indicates her preference for outdoor settings.

The tan shirt fits her form very well, showing off her lithe and lanky form. Her dark green pants have a wide belt, tapering to form fit her slender legs. A simple cloak is often slung over one shoulder and her belt pouch bulges from where it hangs off her belt on her left side. Dark brown boots complete the picture.


We were unexpected, my brother and I. Both my parents were Master's in their respective crafts and thus I traveled often when I was a kid. We've lived at different places each year so it's harder for me to make friends since we never seemed to stay too long. My favorite place thus far had to be the Istan isles. I guess it was my parents also since they've recently retired from traveling and now live solely at Ista. Figures. They stop moving around just as now I want to head out on my own. Of course. My sister's already left us, having gone to the Healer hall as soon as she was old enough. She's just like my mother. My brother is his own person, like me. He's not interested in the crafts as much as he is working in the weyr. It'll be strange to be apart from him but for now he's decided to try his luck working with the steward at Ista hold. This leaves me with some lose ends. As I'm not too inclined towards the crafts I think I'll look for a job within a weyr. I'm good with my hands, quick with a knife and good outside. Surely there is something for me to do.


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