Ebony skinned and standing about 6' tall, this well muscled man casts a frighteningly imposing figure. His dread locked hair is black and hangs to about mid back, with dark brown eyes and an almost permanent cheerful smile playing on his lips. A well-toned and muscled body and calloused hands show the effects of turns of hard work. Standing out against his skin a single gold hoop earring shines out like Rukbat in comparison. He looks to be about 21 Turns turns old.

He wears baggy clothing in a multitude of bright blues and reds; usually a wherhide waistcoat that shows off a variety of bulging muscles, baggy trousers and a pair of light shoes when he bothers wearing them. His trousers are held up with a belt that always has a pair of knives attached, a foot long one at the side, and a smaller blade at his back.

Around his upper left arm a dark red ribbon of leather is tied off and carries a seacraft knot.


Born on a boat and raised on a boat. He really is a child of the ocean and just as at home in the rigging as he is on land or sea. His parents were both sailors and that's the life he followed as well, though he didn't go into the fishermans trade, instead as he grew older he signed on to crew on the merchant vessels instead. His education is perhaps somewhat lacking when it comes to the likes of reading and writing, but place a starchart in front of him or ask him to sing a song and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Though admittedly, most of the songs he knows fall into the bawdy sea shanty group. Big, muscled and handy with those knives of his he has often been taken on board ships to help with keeping discipline where needed or on the odd occasion for a bit of roughing up, again where needed.


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