Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth DIS PLACE
Occupation App. Weavercrafter
Hair Hair Color
Eyes Eye Color






Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
Deliveries, Dragons, and Candidates June 20, 2017 Janja,C'vryn, Krenn, Baylee, Riohra
New Friends, New Discoveries June 22, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Krenn, Kassala, Riohra
Adventures in Babysitting June 24, 2017 Baylee, Kassala, Krenn, Sevran, Riohra
Glitterbomb! June 25, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat, Heyyu (NPC), Riohra, Sevran, Taline
Touch and Go (First Touching) June 27, 2017 R'hyn, Catwin, Baylee, J'en, Elixyvette, Sevran, Citayzleat, Riohra, Kassala, Kadesh
Sun, Sand, Chores, Eggs, Flirting. June 29, 2017 Catwin, Sevran, Baylee, Krenn
Touch It Good (Second Touching) June 30, 2017 R'hyn, Implied-Ila'den, Catwin, Baylee, Sevran, Shanatea, Citayzleat
Well, That Escalated Quickly July 1, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee
Oysters At Sunrise July 2, 2017 Tanit, Sevran, Baylee
Candidate Fashion Show 2: Armed and Fabulous July 3, 2017 Baylee, Citayzleat, D'lei, J'en, Jingum, Kassala, Riohra, Risali, Serena, Tanit
Ping-Pong, Booze, and Bronzeriders July 4, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, Sevran, J'en, Tanit
Chatting Over Breakfast July 4, 2017 Baylee, Sevran, Tanit, Sephany (NPC)
Morning Tag July 4, 2017 Taline, Baylee, Sevran, Tanit
Of Eggs and Romances July 7th, 2017 Riohra, Tanit, Baylee, Sevran
A Long Lunch Break July 8, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran, Riohra, Relaera, Baylee, Catwin, Tanit,
Rum Cakes and Kitchen Dogs July 9, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Tanit, Baylee, T'ana, Niki
That Obligatory Robe Fixing Scene July 10, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee, Riohra, Catwin
Morning Shenanigans July 11, 2017 Sevran, Catwin, Riohra, Tanit, Baylee
Celimoth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch July 13, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat (Citayla), Elixyvette (Xyvette), Jingum, Kassala, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sevran (S'van), Shanatea, Sundari, Taline (Aine), Tanit
Aftermath - Weyrlings July 13, 2017 R'hyn, S'van, Citayla, Baylee, Sundari, J'en, Catwin
Hello- Goodbye July 13, 2017 S'van, Riohra, Catwin, Baylee
All The Things! July 15, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, S'van, Catwin
Strapping Good Times? Or Not. July 16, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Sundari, S'van, Tanit - Aedeluth, Fascath, Irkevalath, Myrakath
Dragons Grow Bigger July, 20, 2017 Catwin, S'van, Baylee
A Lovely Little Chat July 21, 2017 Baylee, Kelani, Jingum, Sephany (NPC)
Lube Is Important (aka We Broke Baylee) July 24, 2017 Baylee, S'van, Kelani, Krenn, Catwin
Mounted Lessons - Bronze Meltdown July 25, 2017 Sundari, S'van, Baylee, Irkevalath, Aedeluth, Myrakath
Oysters and Complaints July 27, 2017 Tanit, Baylee, S'van Catwin
Confessions Between Friends July 29, 2017 S'van, Baylee
Weyrlings Take Wing! (Unmounted Flights) August 3, 2017 Sundari, S'van, Catwin, Baylee, Irkevalath, Aedeluth, Fascath, Myrakath
Peeps chat on the beach. Dragons chat too. August 16, 2017 Kelani, S'van, Baylee, Krenn, Aedeluth, Myrakath
Bust a Move - Weyrling's Dance Lesson August 21, 2017 J'en, S'van, Baylee, Krenn, Kelani, Xyvette, R'hyn, Risali
Burn, Baby, Burn August 23, 2017 Baylee, Citayla, R'hyn, S'van, Tanit
Shenanigans - Weyrling's Mating Flight Discussion August 24, 2017 J'en, S'van, Baylee, Citayla, R'hyn, Syn
Krenn and Baylee's Ceremony August 29, 2017 Krenn, Baylee, S'van, Sephany, Kelani, Riohra
Post-Graduation Party August 30, 2017 Aine, Baylee, Citayla, Ila'den, J'en, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sundari, S'van, Yulise
Myrakath Rises August 30, 2017 Myrakath (Baylee), Aedeluth (S'van), Teimyrth (Ila'den), J'en, Krenn, Yulise
Straps and Sexuality (with tattoos, steaks, porcines, and puppies to boot) September 22, 2017 S'van, Krenn, Kelani, Baylee
Aedeluth Ticks Off Myra; Fascath Catches Fish; Cat talks to Sev. September 26, 2017 S'van, Catwin, Myrakath (Baylee), Fascath, Aedeluth
<< SMASH HIS NOSE! >> or << Proddy Revolution! >> October 8, 2017 Toith (R'sner), Myrakath (Baylee)
Life of The Table October 29, 2017 R'sner, Akiva, Baylee
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