Brenn is a young man in his late teenage turns or early twenties, standing somewhere around six feet in height. He has a muscular frame which suggests he has some sort of daily work involving a good amount of physical labor, or at least has a healthy exercise regime. His skin has a tan tone from many hours spent in the sun. He has dark brown hair which is kept cut short, and light blue eyes which contrast sharply with his complexion.


Brenn was the product of a mating flight between a greenrider named L'on and a bluerider named Myrna at Western Weyr. Although the two got along reasonably well, neither was interested in raising a child together, and Brenn ended up raised by weyr fosterers. He was an energetic boy who had a mostly happy childhood, spending most of his days playing in the sun and making mischief. Like many children in his circumstance, Brenn was encouraged from an early age to join a craft. The boy's love of animals and the outdoors made the beastcraft particularly appealing to him, and he secured an apprenticeship shortly after his thirteenth birthday. He loved the work, but hated being kept away from his home at the weyr. Luckily, after four turns he secured a post back at Western, where he has served ever since.


Name Relation Location Position
Myrna Mother Western Weyr Rider
L'on Father Western Weyr Rider


Bronze Lawl


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