Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth On the Road
Occupation Former Trader
Hair Black
Eyes Reddish Brown
Dragon Golth


Standing 6'2, Cassara is a tall and imposing woman. Her body is long and muscular, looking almost like an old gnarled tree when flexed. Cassara has a somewhat handsome, tear drop shaped face, with a long scar running down her left cheek. Her eyes angular and almost seem red, topped with sharp eyebrows. Her hair is jet black and dense, parted off to one side and running far down her back. Her face candidly can almost be cute, but is seemingly locked in a cold, dour glare. Her face is almost always wearing a pair of red tinted glasses. Cassara has aged quite well, maintaining a fit powerful body, though her face has starting to show lines of age.

Cassara dresses in crisp fitted male clothes and favors blacks and reds in her dress. She frequently wears a large black longcoat that helps exaggerate her intimidating form.


Cassara was born to Kayin and Reese, who made their living as traders. Life on the road taught Cassara many things and instilled in her a sense of independance. Kayin, a small man in a dangerous trade, was extremely well versed in hand to hand combat. Kayin taught Cassara many of the techniques he had learned and developed over his life and Cassara would spend the rest of her life adapting what she learned from her father for her own needs. Her mother, an expert hunter and tracker, also passed her on her skills to Cassara.

During hard times, an candidacy excusirsion found Cassara to a potential candidate. After pressue from her parents in the hopes of givng her a stable life, Cassara accepted.

During the hatching, Cassara saved an over-eager candidate from being mauled by a Brown he got to close too. Cassara took a blow to the cheek in the process (which would never quite heal) but in the process, impresses it. It introduces it's self as Golth and Cassara tends to it's feeding and rest before finally allowing her self to get the help of a healer.

Cassara's weyrlinghood went poorly at best. While Cassara had no problem dedicating her self to Golth's care, Cassara frequently butted heads with those around her, shirking responsibiies, sneaking out and almost coming to blows with other Weyrlings on several occasions (with a few of those grudges being settled later in her life).

After weyrlinghood went much better for Cassara. While still a difficult person to be around, having her own weyr and Search and Rescue offered her enough autonomy to keep her sane. Golth shared many of Cassara's more cantankerous, anti-social qualities, but helped Cassara by being the more ponderous, patient one of the two. Golth would talk Cassara down from many brash decisions (though occasionally talking her into a few).

Cassara would later meet a younger greenrider, Hika, whom Cassara was quite taking with due to her disarming personality. A turn and a half later, Hika had a bad intimate experience with a rough bluerider during her dragon's first flight. Cassara, looking for Hika next morning for drills, chased the older bluerider out and comforted the shaken up greenrider. Not long after the two entered into a budding romance and were weyrmated.

About a turn after her weyrmating to Cassara, Hika learned she was pregnant after a flight with bronzeriding winner. After a lengthy discussion with Cassara, the two decided to keep the baby, naming the little one Hotaru. Once Hotaru was weaned, she was shipped off to the cothold outside of Fort to be fostered with Cassara's parents, though Hika and Cassara visited regularly and stayed close with their daughter.

One child was enough for the pair they decided, and settled into a comfortable rider life at Igen.


Name Relation Location Position
Kayin Father Outside Fort Retired Trader
Reese Mother Outside Fort Retired Trader
Hika Weyrmate Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider
Hotaru Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Vintercraft


The Sleeping Mountain Brown Golth

This brown dragon seems almost hewn straight from one of Pern's oldest rock formations. His features look as though they were once sharp and clean but have been eroded over time. His hide also carries a weathered look, appearing cracked and blistered, though a run of the hand over it reveals it to be simply coloring. The hide itself is as smooth as any other dragon hide. Most of the dragon is a very earthen grayish brown, his claws and feet bordering on black. The top of him however is slathered in a more golden brown, the color of freshly baked bread, which fades into a bluish tint on his head and neck ridges. This brown's eyeridges are pointed slightly inwards, giving his eyes an angry look to them. His snout blunt and boxy, with a fierce-looking jaw that inaudibly snarls to anyone who views it head on. His wings have a tattered and cracked appearance to them, resonant from the way the coloring on his body has visually textured them. He has a rather broad build and seems to move slowly and patiently.


Title OOC Date Cast
Meeting the Parents September 12, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, Hika, & Sundari
Beachside Awkwardity September 15, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, Hotaru, Kyra
Lies are Easier Than Truths October 9, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, & Sundari
Recreation and Weyrfolk (Daranyl is Searched) October 26, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, Hika, & Sundari
Suddenly: Searched! October 27, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Cassara, Chrystyne, Hika
Tunnelsnakes And Tubers For Dinner October 30, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, Kyra, Keldan, Sundari
Hot Springs Interlude November 2, 2014 Firamar Daranyl Ezrayl Aglaia Hika Cassara
Cooking Corporal Punishment November 3, 2014 Cassara, Ezrayl, Aglaia
In Desperate Need Of Klah November 5, 2014 Nyarra, Cassara, Ezrayl
Cloudy With a Chance of Fences November 11, 2014 Aglaia, Cassara, Daranyl, Raelii, Sundari
Chatting About Changes November 29, 2014 Aglaia, Cassara, D'nyl
Hunting Happens December 2, 2014 Aerza, Aglaia, Cassara, D'nyl, K'an, Raelii, Sundari
Awkward Talk Time December 30, 2014 Aglaia, Cassara, D'nyl, F'mar, Hika, Sundari
Cassara's Violent Reprisal December 21, 2014 Cassara, Zi'on, Sundari, D'nyl, Makoto
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