Bronzerider Ch'tra


Small of frame and lithe of build and tanned coloration is what could describe the man before you as he stands just over six feet tall. His oval-shaped face houses a pair of full lips, a well proportioned nose and a set of silver eyes - dark grey on the edge of the iris with a starburst of bright silver next to the pupil - below thick light auburn eyebrows. Growing out of the top of his oval shaped head is a mass of light auburn hair which - when not in a runnertail - hangs just below his shoulders. Though, at any point in time strands are found falling into his face, obscuring the view of his silvery eyes.

His clothing is simple, yet highly functional. A short sleeve tunic of a light olive green is trimmed with simple decorative stitching set into a dark bark-brown fabric. The neck of his tunic is almost a simple scoop neck, but in the very front breaks into a sudden - and deep - V shape which reaches to the bottom of his ribcage. The tunic itself ends at the middle of his thigh, where one can then see a pair of sturdy and comfortable brown slacks which are tucked into mid-shin high black wherhide boots.


Chaitra's childhood was nothing special. The boy grew up with a few siblings in a very minor cothold out in Xanadu's boonies, further south along the Sea of Azov. His parents cared for them all and as the children grew, were taught respective abilities to help the family survive. Chaitra's abilities fell into the area of hunting and foraging the foresty area around them. Sometimes the lad would bring home fruits, tubbers, and other such vegatation and at other times he would actually bag a feline or deer for their family with bow and arrow.

Nothing tragic happened in Chaitra's life to send him towards Xanadu Weyr, but eventually the youth grew and he hugged his mother and father goodbye, then left to trudge onto the Weyr and see what might lay in wait for him there.


Name Relation Location Position Age (+/- Chaitra)
Brishen Father Azov Cothold "Lord" of the cothold +32T 11M
Chelinda Mother Azov Cothold "Lady" of the cothold +30T 5M
Thayer Brother Azov Cothold "Guard" +6T 1M
Henka Sister Azov Cothold "Lady" in training +4T 9M
Huey Brother Harper Hall Apprentice Harper +3T 4M
Chesna Sister Azov Cothold Resident, floral arrangements +1T 10M
Ch'tra - - - - - Ista Weyr Weyrleader, Bronze Lihauth - - - - -
Evzen Brother Azov Cothold Tanner -2T 2M
Chane Brother Azov Cothold Cook in training -3T 11M
Ryba Sister Weaver Hall Apprentice Weaver -5T 3M


Snow Covered Mountains Blue Istas
Sharp cascades of nearly whitish blue cascade over a triangular head and blunt head knobs, dipping in a light azure waterfall down slender neck. Glacial cracks of white skitter across shoulder blades to meet at the base of this firelizard's neck, dancing in spidery array as thick blotches of cloudy gray blue dominate across a slinky and sinuous form. These cracks turn into speckles as they cascade down forelimbs and back limbs, fiercely dominating over a bluish landscape, highlighting this lizard into the lightest shade possible for his kind. Twirls and swishes of speckled white continue over wing spars and translucent membranes. Amongst the wings are softer swirls of the gray-blue, dominating over the white speckles and forcing them down into a scattered array across hips and whip of a tail. The blue and white fight for dominance in a tragic blitz, before white seems to win at the very tip of tail spade, diluting to a complete white.


Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Lihauth
(Misty Bronze Lihauth)
Caught adrift somewhere between this world and the next, time-worn copper melds with something a little more corporeal to animate this large, long-limbed dragon, a patina long-formed streaking soft greens along his belly and chest. Mist clings to his hide, lending an ethereal touch to husky shoulders and well-defined, muscular haunches, drifting silently over his bronzen neck and curling in tendrils down to the smoothed tip of his tail. Wings, subtly luminous like dulled metal, bear spars dipped in seafoam, even as sparkling minerals dust membranous sails that remain otherwise a pale, soft shade of peach. Silver-touched, his movements remain languid and vaporous, as though fog's effort to cloud his hide twined too much about his large feet and glittering talons.

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