The woman before you is of average height and weight. These are the /only/ things average about her. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and approx. 125 lbs. She has a tendancy to walk fast or run wherever she is headed as if she is in a hurry. Her fiery red hair falls below her waist when she lets it free, but mostly it is braided or in a runnertail, occasionally it is in a bun on top of her head. Her sea green eyes dart around surveying her surroundings and show her intelligence and interest in the world around her. Her smile is always ready to break out for all around.
Cinda is wearing a white shirt, black leggings, a rich teal green vest, and ankle high black boots. Her hair is braided at present and held by a teal green silken cord. Around her neck is a pendant that she had made afrer Impressing Shirath, hanging from a long silver chain is an egg painted dark blue with silvery sparkles all over. On her left shoulder is a riders knot of sky blue, lavender, and black with a silky cord of brilliant teal green threaded through the braid, this denotes her status as a greenrider at Western Weyr.


Cinda is the second oldest in a large family that lives in a remote area of the High Reaches. She left her family with the blessing of her parents as she had 6 younger siblings and would not have much of a problem getting work as a cook as this was her chore in the family's cot. The end result is that she can cook for many people but the food will taste good not bland, Cinda is talented with the spice jar but does not over power the food. She also likes to bake sweets on occasion and has gotten pretty good at that.

While on her travels about Pern she wandered upon the shores of Emerald Isle which is the Home of Western Weyr. Well she whipped up a meal for the Weyr and was hired on the spot to help with the cooking. It was during her stay there that golden Tiakath laid her clutch of eggs. Now Cinda, being the dragon watcher that she was would egg watch at just about every oppourtunity. This led to her being searched for the clutch. K'ron and his bronze Roth asked Cinda to stand on the sands, heartily agreeing to this honor Cinda felt as if she was flying already.

Candidacy was fun for Cinda, the pranks and such, you know how that can go. Well the big day arrived. Cinda entered the sands alone but did not leave that way. She did leave with an overly warm hind end though, seems during the hatching she thought to cool her feet by, you guessed it, sitting down. This was in actuallity what attracted Shirath to her. Cinda was 'dancing'. Lustrous Teal Green Shirath made her presence known to Cinda and there started their life long partnership.


Name Relation Location Position
Brandar Son WEW NPC
Jerika Daughter WEW NPC
relative relation location position


Brown Topaz

Clean cut and compact he may be, but don't let his cute little face fool you. He is bolder and sassier than Beau and has a touch of arrogance thrown in. He'll try to boss anyone or anything he can, but most times is called to order by Cinda, or even Beau sometimes. Shirath too.
His hide shimmers and shines with health and is a blend of yellow/browns. A clear yellow/brown along his back and ridges his color deepens to dark honey to sienna near his talons which are so deep a brown as to be black. His head is honey kissed with sienna 'freckles' giving him a blend of warmth, though his attitude contradicts that.
Cheerful and friendly to those he knows, he is aloof with those he does not. He prefers red meat, the bloodier the better. He will tolerate cooked if he has too, but only the rarest cuts please. He has a love of the sparkly as well, from foil to jewelry and will admire anything that sparkles if he is allowed.

Blue Beau

This guy is no longer the scant handful of his younger days. His limbs have filled out and his wings are just right for his size, his tail is still unusually long though. When he is on Cinda's shoulder it can wrap around her neck 1 1/2 times. He's a bold one and sassy besides, 'specially when it comes to Shirath, she's /his/ green. He is a bit adventurous, though that is calmed down since his hatchling days. (Cinda had to get him out of many a scrape.)
His flawlessly shimmering hide is a veritable rainbow of blues from deepest indgo to pale 'Reaches ice, depending on how the light hits him. When he notices you looking at him he unfurls his wings. They are deepest blue on the leading edges and fade toward the trailing edges. His talons are jet black with blue highlights.
Beau cocks his head to one side and chirrups a greeting to you.



Green Shirath

A teal green dragon rests comfortably before you. Her hide gleams with health and the loving care of her rider. Her ridges are a very very dark teal green, the neck and teal ridges are nearly black while her eye ridges show more of a blueish tint. Her neck flows to shoulders and torso, then to hips and tail, with proper appendages <arms, wings,legs> in the proper places.

She stands, stretches and opens her wings. You can see that the sails are a rich hue of the teal that colors her hide. The biggest difference is that the sails are transparent enough to let light shine through, lending a jewel-like tone to her sails. Shirath settles once more and looks at you with lazily whirling green eyes.


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