Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Landing
Occupation Jr. Weyrwoman
Hair Black
Eyes Brown

Cita is a young woman whose average height — 5'8" on a good day — seems taller than it ought to be. Whether by the frequent towering rage or by equally frequent poise (nobody said she wasn't contradictory), she throws off larger-than-life kind of vibes, Citayzleat. Generally kept contained in messy plaits or a bun, her klah-brown hair matches her soft eyes; and all too frequently obscures them, long and wavy. With a strong chin and high cheekbones, it's hard for this healer to blend into a crowd, but she has a million-watt smile to soften the sharp edges. Still a little on the lanky side, youth has not entirely left this young woman's frame, but dragonriding has wrought more weight on her bones than previously given. She's not musclebound, but a she's healthily rounded around the edges, muscles evident just below the surface.
Healer garb is Cita's general getup; a form-fitting tunic and short-sleeved undershirt in linen. She seems to show no real preference between skirts and breeches, and her always-present boots are well-made and comfortable. Off-duty, the woman seems to prefer looser clothing, soft fabrics and relatively ornate jewelry for her hair. No jewelry adorns her wrists or hands, but she does wear a thin-chained necklace with a small wings-shaped pendant, its heart a tiny blue stone. Other necklaces come and go, but that one's generally present.


Citayzleat was born to a sprawling, crafter-filled family based out of Landing. Five generations of the family had inhabited the compound somewhere on the outskirts of the hold; close enough to commute, far enough that Cita and her six siblings had a relatively rural upbringing. Pastoral, even – they had freedom, and enough family nearby to shake a stick at, but never too close. With three home-bred siblings and three foster-sibs brought in when she was a little older and most of her older siblings had left the nest, Citayzleat was never bereft of companionship, growing up. In fact, until her fifteenth turn, she never saw much strife at all, save for the trauma of her mother's disappointment that she joined the Smithcraft, not Starcraft.

She was a mechanically-inclined child from the start, not as drawn to the animals or adventures in the jungle as the other children. So when she joined the Smiths, as early as she could, nobody was terribly surprised. Cita thrived in the environment of innovation and experimentation. She even liked the forge, when she took her lessons in crafting. Formulations and machinations were her specialty from the start, though – she learned the specific formulae for agenothree for fun, tinkered with varnishes, and ate up every book she could get her hands on like it was made of gold. She was an intensely curious kid, and even into her teenaged years, followed the journeymen and masters around on a mission to extract every tidbit of information they would provide her with.

An accident in a mineshaft – a collapse, which injured several other apprentices and killed her firelizard – put an end to her Smithing experience, though. Laid up for the better part of a turn, Cita gradually lost the will to keep up with her studies, and when an aunt provided her with an out – a test, an experiment – in a sevenday of classes with healer apprentices at the hall, she jumped on the chance. Being up out of bed, learning again, out of her own head; it was good for the girl. She knew before the sevenday was out that she would stay. It was an adjustment, going from extroverted learning, asking a million questions and doing basically what she wanted, to the structure of Healer Hall. Cita settled well enough, though, applying herself with a fury and a passion to her new studies.

Several turns on, and a curious species washed up on Half Moon Bay's shores. Glowing, glittery squid; the healers were intrigued by them, and Citayzleat had never been one to pass up the possibility of learning new things. A Journeyman was being sent to see if they had any properties of use to the hall, and if the trip would give her a chance to slow down and think about what specialty she would pick up, so much the better. Cita got a little sidetracked – searched, actually, and making friends outside of her profession – but the hatching came and went and she got back to work. The kidnapping and eventual return in not-factory-warrantied condition of a friend distracted her beautifully from her angst over What Specialty; sure, she spent the better part of a turn not sleeping more than two hours a night, but that suited her just fine.

Eventually it came down to the wire. The rest of her life. One path. A hundred different reasons to choose each and every specialty – a dozen reasons to say shard it and go back to Smithing – and she had to choose. There were rumblings in the hall: she'd been an apprentice beyond long enough. Telj wasn't even at Half Moon Bay any more. Citayzleat chose trauma – she'd had the most experience in it, in her apprenticeship, certainly. And then it wasn't so obvious; first came two infants into the life of Ila'den and R'hyn, and then a second chance at Impressing that didn't sit nearly as well as the first had in her gut. Ilyscaeth bowled her over, though, in more ways than one, and Citayla walked out of the hatching changed. For the better? Possibly. Different? Certainly.


Name Relation Location Position
Ila'den Weyrmate-adjacent Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider, bronze Teimyrth
R'hyn Weyrmate-adjacent Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider, bronze Xermiltoth
Heribly Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Toddler
Ibsyglei Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Toddler
Ciardyn Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Infant
Aevien Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Infant
Yzaelia Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Infant
Risali Daughter Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman
Veliren Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Akiva Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Asst. Headwoman
Kielric Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Valerian Son Xanadu Weyr Resident
Itacyrilloni Mother Landing Master Starcrafter
Leaterit Father Landing Master Starcrafter
T'ralle Brother Honshu Mindhealer - Bronzerider
Rilltriela Sister Ierne Shop Owner - Bluerider
Noyritaci Brother Landing Starcrafter Apprentice
Narilut Foster Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Unabri Foster Sister Landing Weyrbrat
Lutrila Foster Sister Landing Weyrbrat
that's a lot of children for such a young woman, you say. IS IT, THOUGH. IS IT. just go with it.


Lightning Before the Thunder Gold Ilyscaeth
If ever there was a gold to lead dragonmen to the end of days, it would be this one. She possesses the massive build that inspires battlefield legend, the dark beauty that whispers rhyme into the minds of poets, the savage grace that bids hearts beat faster to simply behold her. She is timeless, a queen who wears her crown as a circlet of white-hot stars on her brow, branded forever to be something more than average. Nose long and aquiline, jaw thin but strong, her stern visage is belied by subtle flecks and freckles that soften her edges, trailing over cheekbones and curling along her jaw before spiralling, nebulous, along the long lines of her body. They range, these small bursts of star-matter, from pale goldenrod to the deepest shades of aureolin, and even then they cannot aspire to match the dark depths of her hide. She is not merely shadowed, this gold, but rather engloamed, hide rolling forth in bold, burnished blends of caramel and mahogany that serve only to embellish her robust sense of refinement. She is an all-mother, a keeper of weyrs, muscled without bulk, strong without overbearance, capable of duty and service without sacrificing regality or allure. Her wings depict this dichotomy in detail, delicate but powerful appearance rendered heavy by dark whorls of the smokiest topaz. Cascades of clouds are broken by streaks of heat-lightning, personal universe fractured by needle-thin lances of molten silver, shiny and chrome.



Female Feline Char


With a sort of quiet dignity in appearance, it'd be hard to pin down Char as the source of at least half of Cita's exasperation. The feline looks like she's some sort of statue — not beautiful by normal standards, but striking, for sure. She's all angles and sharp lines, elongated to almost comical proportions, and thin to boot. Her girl's uncreative naming convention makes Char's near-black coloring utterly unsurprising, perhaps, but you probably at least can't confuse her with her sister, namewise. Char is black with brown bleaching, her fur short and soft all over her body. She has large golden eyes, and huge ears out of proportion with the rest of even the rest of her over-long body. For all her striking beauty and stony looks, this feline can be best described as flighty.

Female Feline Ash


The same in dignity and grace as her sister, Ash contributes slightly less to her owner's ire — excepting her fur, which gets everywhere, Ash is a quiet feline. Where Char is flighty but sweet in her own way, Ash is outwardly friendly, but only when you can find her. She blends in very well to a rocky surrounding, soft greys and creamy buff, you see. Her fur is short and plush, giving her a slightly softer look than her sister's shiny coat. She is slightly larger, still long and angular, with large paws and larger eyes; softly bronze, a little darker than the other cat's. Similarly not-typically-beautiful, Ash is nonetheless a lovely cat, once you get past the sharp jut of her shoulders or the ridiculous length of her tail.


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