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Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
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Cormir is a little on the tall side standing just over Six feet tall, he is lean built without much in the way body fat. His shaggy brown hair is sun bleached giving a sandy and ruddy complexion, this along with his skin being tanned to a medium brown one could guess he is from a sunnier and warmer climate. The tip of his nose is turned down, giving a square and flat appearance, and there are laugh lines at the corners of his mouth and light brown eyes. He is dressed in along sleeved light woolen shirt, which was probably dark blue at one point but seems to have been sun-soaked to make it lighter. He wears paints that have been cut off at the knees and a necklace made of tiny seashells around his neck. On his feet his, he wears thick soled, buckled sandals. The only thing that doesn't look sun-bleached is his Knot that shows him to be a Senior Apprentice with the Weavers, stationed at Half Moon Weyr.


Cormir was born at the weaver hall, his family has been weavers for turns and turns. He joined the craft proper, both parents being journeymen of the craft he had some some big shoes to fill. But instead of being into clothes or the like, he took an interest in the tapestries, he decided to restore these great works of Pern's history as well as make new ones. Now that he is almost ready to start Jounryman training he is sent to Halfmoon weyr to learn there for now till the hall sends him somewhere else.


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Title OOC Date Cast
Cormir Arrives At Half Moon Bay September 15, 2017 S'van, Cormir
Sunburns and Strong Drinks September 16, 2017 S'van, Cormir
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