Bluerider D'ana


His face is the shape of a blunted heart, pointed chin showing just a hint of a cleft, while his dark brown eyes are set high on the shape, too small, and causing him to have overly-large cheeks, framed with defining cheekbones. A small nose is set close to his eyes, leaving a significant amount of face between it and his small mouth. Dark hair, when loose, would fall to his chin, though he generally has it messily pulled back the best he can. He's of average height and build for a young man, - About 5'9 and 180 pounds - and rather pale, particularly in contrast to his hair and eyes.
He wears a simple set of riding leathers, though around the collar and cuffs, a bit of fur has been added to combat the extra cold of *between*.


Once upon a time, a man and a woman had 3 sons, with a 4th child on the way. They both hoped desperately for a daughter, but when the child was born, it was a boy, and it is said that the woman turned her face to the wall and died out of despair.

If Dixanan's origins were that entertaining, perhaps he would have a more interesting life.

Dixanan was the 4th son to a man and a woman, Tillek seaholders both, and spent the majority of his young life there, helping with the general chores of a seahold. However, his mother /was/ hoping for a girl, and as a result, she treated him as a daughter when she could get away with it, from his rather feminine name to her tendency to give him a girl-ish haircut and the 'easier' chores. His peers would tease him as a result, calling him names, and excluding him from many of their general activities. He tended to spend the majority of his time quietly secluded somewhere, with a book - either to read or to write in.

A sea accident when he was 7 left his parents nervous continuing their lives at Tillek, and so they picked up and moved to High Reaches Weyr, where they took on necessary duties, and the children where put in with the rest to live and learn and grow. Dixanan outgrew some of his shyness, however it still cropped up in large groups, or when he was out of his comfort zone, which, as he aged, was more and more often.

It came as a surprise to many when of all the boys, it was Dixanan who was Searched for one of the clutches that was laid upon High Reaches' Sands. It was a surprise to even more when the young boy was found by a pale blue dragon who declared the boy his D'ana, and he D'ana's Haezynth.

Over the turns, D'ana slowly outgrew some of his shyness and his anti-social behavior - an act that was necessary as he was assigned to serve as an Assistant WeyrlingMaster. It was one of those weyrlings, however, who would set D'ana down an entirely different path. Uta, having been Searched by his own lifemate, turned out to have a particular effect on the young man, and after a long weyrlinghood and many worrisome nights, the greenrider agreed to weyrmate.

Two children from Uta, a pair of twins born to another greenrider after a flight, and a move to Western later, D'ana's world was once again turned upside down by a young bluerider. Pushing the envelope, she seemed to make everything a bit more exciting, and while D'ana was often rattled by some of her suggestions, ever the less, something started to develop.

Of course, nothing ever stays calm and collected for often, and bad things are said to happen in threes. A greenrider pregnant - again with twins, a mistake that may have ended his and Uta's relationship for good, and D'ana is left to fear what that third bad thing may turn out to be.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother High Reaches Weyr
Father High Reaches Weyr
Older Brother High Reaches Weyr Woodcrafter
Older Brother High Reaches Weyr Beastcrafter
Older Brother High Reaches Weyr Beastcrafter
Uta Weyrmate Western Weyr Rider to Green Marjiath
Anara Daughter (Illia) High Reaches Weyr Child
Illinan Son (Illia) High Reaches Weyr Child
Daria Daughter (Uta) Western Weyr Child
Rianan Son (Uta) Western Weyr Child


Garlands and Greens Green Hazel
Though on the large size, this green is still very much the wilting feminine type with all the curvy wiles a girl could want. Her base color is evergreen, gathered for the season and bundled into a decorative treat. Soft feathered fronds texture a silken hide that clings to the elegant build. The graceful lines of her head are farther accentuated by glimmering beads of colored glass buried deep in the greenery. They trail down her neck in sparkling reds, twinkling yellows and shimmering blues to strike out over her wingspars. The touch of color shines from within the spritely svelte green and sets her aglow.


Zealously Anodyne Blue Haezynth
Blue in uniformly soothing pastels covers every inch of this dragon, the same color that Healers have sometimes used to try to calm their patients, and there are a great many inches for it to cover. He's a bulky fellow for his color, pudgy about the belly but also broad of shoulder and long of tail. Cornflower swirls hypnotically over wings and back with powder blue, paling to the color of sunlight on ice over the crest of his neck ridges. He is a wide-faced dragon, with a stocky neck slightly too short to balance the extensive tail, full cheeks the color of afternoon sky beneath the faceted eyes. The muscles beneath the gently-hued hide are well-defined, sturdy haunches tense with pent-up energy that belies the delicate coloration.

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