Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Bluefire Hold
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown


The lad before you is tall and narrow, lithely corded muscle making him seem even narrower than he is is. Shaggy dark hair hangs around his face and into his eyes, every shock a different length, as if it were cut with a knife by an inexperienced hand. Chocolate brown eyes are slightly shaded and despite his youth, he sports a patch of stubble on his chin. He dresses in plain, utilitarian garb from a short-sleeved tunic, slim, rugged trous that show the use of years, and thick-hided boots. He's almost never without a knife on his right hip and his crossbow at his back.


Daranyl and Ezrayl entered the world nearly simultaneously, born to a farmcot holder near Bluefire Hold name Morndyl and his wife Ezara. They entered the world clinging to eachother and they've never been far apart since. Even while young, they developed a tendency to disappear into the woods for candlemarks at a time and by the time they'd reached eight turns, both had proven themselves to be passable hunters, bringing home a small wher or snake most days and, when they were lucky, something larger.

It wasn't long after that, though, that tragedy struck. They returned home one day to find their tiny home burning in a bright blaze, none of their family to be seen. The pair retreated back to the woods, where they felt safe. And where they were found by a small band of Renegades who took them in.

Life in the Renegade camp was hardly easy, but it honed them into good hunters and fighters, and it taught them how to survive the hard way. But it also gave them a new family. Well, a family that would kill them for their haul if it wasn't turned over fast enough, but a family nonetheless. The hardest part for Daranyl as they grew older was seeing the way the men looked at his sister. Eventually, he spent most of his time in the camp keeping the other men from pushing too far for what they wanted from her, not that any would force it, but it was enough to make the protective twin threaten more than a few with his crossbow. When the leader asked for a volunteer to brave the Weyr and gather intell, Daranyl volunteered himself and his twin without a second thought, and that's how they found themselves on a boat on the way to Half Moon Bay Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Morndyl Father Deceased Deceased
Ezara Mother Deceased Deceased
Meren Mentor Somewhere in the woods near Half Moon Bay Weyr Renegade
Aerza Twin Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Bluerider
Sarina (~-21) Stepdaughter Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Darryl (~-22) Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Raylin (~-23) Twin Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Nylin (~-23) Twin Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Sunara (~-29) Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Infant


Green Morsel

Other Pets

Calico Feline Tidbit


Crystals in the Dark Bronze Czaiath

Large and powerful, this bronze is a study in contrasts, his hide a pool of light and dark, hues mingling together upon his form. Bright, rich copper flows along the long lines of his back, emphasizing his impressive size, the vibrant hued colors slipping down his sides and fading to a dusky, dark iron as it reaches his belly. Antique bronze manages to escape from the pool of shadows, creeping up his long neck, coloring his throat, his muzzle, his eyeridges, before it clashes with the cap of copper that is settled along his headknobs. The shadows of dark bronze cling to his strong, sturdy limbs, engulf his long, lean tail, the darkness dragging the bright copper into submission. Shadowy spars cross bronze sails, while flecks of gold linger, shining like crystals in the light.



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