Gender Male
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Occupation Hunter
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue

Brown hair lies flat against his head, swept across to mostly cover his forehead, the ends hanging in jagged, uneven edges just above bushy eyebrows. His eyes are a striking pale blue against naturally light skin. A stubble of not-quite-beard is frequently present across chin and upper lip. He holds himself with a casual alertness, though he's given to slouching, making his six-foot height seem shorter.

Dashail normally wears a simplistic outfit, suitable for the near-constant rain of the area: a thin white shirt is worn under a study khaki tunic, made specifically with pockets of various sizes. Brown pants and thick, heavily scuffed boots complete his outfit. He's often got a bow and quiver to hand, and a hunting knife hangs off his belt.


Born in Sykan Hold, Dashail's always lived on in the Emerald Isle. His father, being Journeyman Harper, travelled a lot, and took the young boy with him from island to island, sometimes staying for months at a time, but never long enough to be truly settled. He doesn't remember too much of his mother; only that she died when he was young.

While never settled, Dashail nevertheless learned a lot: writing and reading from his father, and survival techniques, mostly born out of an interest in self-sufficiency. His childhood was made up mostly of training with local hunters and fishers on the best way to hunt or gather food. The wild jungles became his home and playground, and many a time he'd find himself far afield when night fell.

Most recently he's been based primarily out of Half Moon Bay Hold, not having stayed there since he was seven. With his father recalled to Harper Hall, there's no reason for him to be on the move, though that doesn't mean his wanderlust is any less dimmed, taking him frequently to Western Weyr.


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