There's nothing unique about Deilya's height or build; she's rather average. Her face is oval-shaped and lightly colored from the sun, with a couple of dark "beauty marks" - one to the left of her right yee and the other somewhere along the left side of her jaw. Under her slim, dark brows are a pair of steely grey eyes. Her lips are full, her teeth mostly straight, and there seems to be a kind of small, dark, rose-colored freckle on the right side of her lower lip that's noticeable without too close of an observation. She's fashioned the jet black locks of hair on both sides of her head into two rolls that meet in a slightly tipped heart shape on top of her head when she's looked at from the front. The rest of her hair falls just past her shoulders and forms soft curls at the bottom.
Today Deilya is wearing a navy, button-up working shirt with the sleeves rolled up above her elbows. She's teasingly left the top few buttons unfastened, which reveals that she's not wearing an undershirt (scandalous)! Her black trous are long, patched in a couple places, and tucked securely into a pair of polished black boots.


Deilya's childhood is somewhat unremarkable. She was born to Alya, a journeywoman tailor at the Weavercraft, and a journeyman blacksmith named Deiman. When she was very young, she spent most of her time with her mother at various holds and managed to learn quite a bit about sewing and tailoring. Her mother was friends with many weavers, but her favorite friends (who she would often visit and trade fabrics/clothing with) were a married couple who had a daughter named Lohracea, who is around Deilya's own age. The two girls grew up together, visiting each other frequently, and they've become practically inseparable.
When she was old enough to be trusted with a needle and thread, her mum let her help with sewing projects to keep her busy so work could be done. When she spent time with her father, she became just as comfortable with doing "muscle work" (as he called it) as she was with sewing; mostly tinkering small things until she was old enough for Deiman to show her how to smith larger pieces of metal.
Though she was pressured by both parents to study at a crafthall, and was mildly interested in it herself, she was unable to decide where to take her talents. Ultimately, Deilya decided that she wanted to move to Western Weyr to be with a small pocket of family and friends, where she remains to this day. Sometimes she helps the resident weaver to relieve her of stress, but mostly she prefers to work outside doing some kind of manual labor. When she has the time and resources, she loves to make clothing for her friends and herself. Despite having a fair amount of skill in both tailoring and tinkering, she's still stuck when it comes to deciding what she'd like to do with herself. However, she's happy for now.
She can sew a complete outfit quicker than one can say "antidisestablishmentarianism." She can carry heavy boxes and bags, hammer nails, wrestle small children, and scrub a floor without tiring. She is Deilya: worker supreme. Though she is a hard worker, and can be quite serious when she's focused on doing whatever job she takes up, she's also a great lover of fun and enjoys her own femininity (fancy hairstyles, pretty clothes, etc.). She'll try anything once, whether it's tasting a frightening dish or walking across a suspiciously broken down-looking log that's fallen across a river. She'll try it, and she'll do it with as much courage as she can muster, nose in the air.
Deilya is very sweet to others, very chatty, and never pressures people into doing anything. Sweet and caring as she may be, she also trusts people very easily and is incredibly gullible. This often leads to hurt feelings when she learns that someone has played a trick on her or lied just to give her a hard time; something she takes all too personally. Despite her tough attitude when faced with a challenge or dare, she is a coward. She won't readily admit it, but it's true. Deilya is afraid of the dark, fearing ghosts and creepy crawly things in the shadows. She has an unexplainable fear of closets and trunks (which is particularly troublesome, since many of her clothes and other belongings are stored in trunks).


Name Relation Location Position
Deiman Father Unknown Smithcraft Journeyman
Alya Mother Unknown Weavercraft Journeyman



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