Sex Female
Profession Guard
Rank Lieutenant
Posting Western Weyr
Age 27
Birth Place Farmcraft Hall


Diekhara is built like a solid cord of muscle, her entire body seeming to exist merely to support the strength she holds barely contained beneath her skin. Her deep red-brown hair is kept cropped short like a boy's. No runnertail for this stalwart guardian. Her eyes are malleable, ranging from a bright vivid blue to a dark near brown and several shades of green depending on her clothing and surroundings. On most days, she wears a simple set of light padded armor protecting her chest, calves and forearms, though anyone who knows her knows there must be a more complete set hidden somewhere for more serious incidents. On her left hip is carefully tied a scabbard with a well-crafted knife within. It's a little longer than most, but not nearly so long as a sword. No, the sword she saves for special occasions.


Diekhara was born the oldest child and only daughter to farmcrafters Kharmen and Xandiego. Born just three short turns before the twins Xhaine and Khaine entered her parents' lives, she has few memories before them. As soon as she was old enough to lead a team or work a row she was doing just that, learning all the tricks and trappings of the craft… and finding them quite boring. However, they were very good for her physique, if not a masculine one.

Not long after the twins were exiled (aka sent off to cause trouble elsewhere) she followed… sort of. Their leaving gave her the opening to leave as well, leaving her battered and never wanted farmcrafter apprentice's knot on the family table along with a note. Setting out her own way she took her strong body and short temper and soon became well trained as a guard, starting first in Keroon, then moving to the Reaches, then finally Landing where she's been working until recently when news of two stolen lutes lead her right to Ista and the less than happy arms of her brothers.

Her time at Ista was happy enough, but she found little purpose in a Weyr already so well-guarded and armed. Plus, Xhaine and Khaine were constantly scaring people away from her, so, after helping Baileigh win the firestone toss competition during the Weyr Games between Fort and Ista, she decided it was time to move on again, not back to landing, no, it was boring there. Instead, she found her way to the Weyr it was said her other brother frequented: Western.


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/adoptable
Kharmen Mother FarmCraft Hall yes/no
Xandiego Father FarmCraft Hall yes/no
Xhaine Brother Ista Weyr Harper Apprentice -2.9.17 no/no
Khaine Brother Ista Weyr Harper Apprentice -2.9.17 no/no
Kh'zan Brother Western Weyr Wingrider to Rusty Mottled Brown Quamirth -5.2.28 no/no


Sailor's Delight Brown HeyYou


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