Deeply black hair falls in long locks from this young man's head. They're pulled backwards and tied into a long runnertail by a simple brown cord. He has a sharply angular face with creamy green eyes, a strong nose, and a broad handsome chin. There is a small scar that runs from just under the crease of his right dimple down and off his chin. His eyes also seem to simply stare outwards, never moving.

He's wearing a simple green tunic with black cording across the v-neck collar. They're tucked into a pair of brown breeches, which seem to have had a lot of wear. His boots are simple hide and look well broken in as well. Around his back is a lute case and in his right hand is a simply carved walking staff.


Dom was born to simple parents at Western Weyr. His father Domard was a journeyman crafter and his mother was a journeyman harper assigned to Western as well. Dominic's birth was a joyous one to his parents, even when they found out that their young son was born without the ability to see. It did not keep his mother from teaching him the beginnings of her craft, and showing him how to use his hearing to make music, and not worry about the lack of his sight. When he was old enough he entered the Harpers with his mother's blessing and letter to the masters. He struggled with his lessons, having to rely on friends to read out what the masters and journeymen wanted them to do, but he had the gift of music within him and overtime became an excellent singer and lute player.


Name Relation Location Position
Amiri Mother Western Weyr Journeyman Harper
Domard Father Western Weyr Journeyman Crafter


Brown Galen
One can almost smell freshly turned, sun-warmed earth in the springtime as they look at this handsome fire lizard. Tones of deep, rich cocoa brown cover most of his body, from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose. Lighter shades of umber and ochre peek through here and there, graceful furrows following the lines of the field that is his body, tip to tail. Spars of cocoa give way to wing sails the hues of cinnamon and cafe latte. Tiny, perfect claws of onyx tip each toe and finger, little gems revealed to the sun's glory by the plow. Every movement is taken with great care, despite the charmer's greater size, carrying himself as if with constant concern for those around him.



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