Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Sykan Hold
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Ginger
Eyes Faded Green
Dragon Blue Oranth

Standing close to 5'6” her frame is remarkably average. She's just minorly on the thinner side, but still toned and fleshed. Her shoulders slope without being too broad or too narrow. Her bust is pert, but neither large nor small. A true ginger, her red locks fall all the way to the middle of her ribcage, with only a tease of a wave. Her eyes are green, but of a slightly faded tone. Freckles are sprinkled across her light skin, from her nose and cheeks, to her forehead, to her shoulders and arms. Her face is of an oval-shape with a straight, blunted nose, and thinner lips that still have a pouty lower lip.

Non-Riding Basic
A soft lavender is the main color of this outfit. It's a halter style pleated jumpsuit, where the legs are so voluptuous that they could be mistaken for a skirt most of the time until she sits astride something and the buttons of the same color that go up the front are all but disguised. The neckline of the halter, however, is such a steep V-shape that a bustier of twilight blue with white-gold flecks has to be worn underneath, both of these facts leaving her shoulder blades fully exposed. A wide tunnelsnakeskin belt of varying blues from light to dark is worn, widening in an arc in the front to emphasize the shape of her bust and waist. Her shoes are of the mary-jane style, cut from twilight-dyed wherhide.

Pre-Rider Basic
Her clothing is clean cut and well cared for. She wears a cap-sleeve dress of amethyst, which involves princess seams running down her torso, making the dress fit snugly to her form, emphasizing what she does have of a bust. Reaching the top of her hips the dress flares into a full skirt, giving it some swing as the fabric drapes to just above her knees. Also sitting at the top of her hips is an intricately knotted wide belt of doe-brown cord, secured just-off-center, and leaving multiple lengths of the cord to dance in the folds of her skirt. Plain mary jane slippers of a matching doe-brown cover her feet. For colder or windy times, she can be found wearing a long-sleeve jacket of dark gray that has a stiff mandarin collar that doesn't close, leading to a keyhole-neck that cups her bust, and fastens in a cinch-style at her waist with a zipper, framed by four ornate buttons on each side.

Beach Gear
She wears a halter style bikini of a bright emerald color, simple in design and color. She has a cover up to go along with it, if desired. A lightly woven and almost sheer short-sleeve tunic dress in a multitude of colors, all of them running vertically in stripes. The neck is a deep V, the point reaching all the way down to the bottom of her sternum, where a drawstring helps hold it to her form. The hem of the dress makes its way down to the middle of her thigh. Flip-flop sandals usually accompany this outfit, when shoes are needed.

Gather Dress
No description yet.

Riding Leathers
No description yet.


Being born in Sykan Hold, a known gather location of the Half Moon Bay area, Emiallis has ever had an eye for beautiful clothing and a flair for the dramatic. Her parents were no one of consequence; her mother a journeywoman weaver, her father a senior journeyman harper. But she was an only child. As they watched her turn finicky child and even then to a picky teenager, they spoiled their daughter with what they could. A nice dress, a small trinket, a fair instrument to go untouched for months at a time until the mood hit her.

As she grew up, never really experiencing much in the way of rules or boundaries, never declaring for a craft or profession, her parents began to realize that their daughter could be rather unbearable. With resistance, they began enforcing lessons from the father to learn her gifted instrument, without much success. And so the parents agreed to send her to the Weyr, where hopefully a lack of parents, a lack of familiar faces, and a lack of gifts, with the presence of more authority would shape their young daughter into a better person.


Name Relation Location Position
Emiallia Mother Sykan Hold Journeywoman Weaver
Allister Father Sykan Hold Journeyman Harper


Saddle Up For A Wild Blue Duluth

A brute of power and strength embodies the muscular form of this young country sky blue flit. Husky and tall he stands on strong muscular legs with a short and thick tail falling behind him. His head is a mighty fine wedge with big bright alluring eyes to observe all going around him and to discourage anyone getting too close to his chosen. Collecting darkly around his broad lower jaw is a mottling of denim blues, drifting down across his tiny chest and down his centerline where his lowerhalf is completely engulfed down to the tip of his tail except for his sky blue feet. Overall, he is a well proportioned fine country blue gentleman.


Language of the Soul Oranth
He is midnight in color from muzzle to tailtip including the tightly furled wings, like faint moonlight kissing the velvety night sky with a pale wash of blue. His build is elegant and refined, long limber limbs supporting lean, toned muscles. Slim in torso, he has the sloping shoulders and high, taut haunches of a trained dancer. The narrow wedge of his head is built of fine bones that hold an expressive face. Steel blue ridges arch down the curving neck and tail. The same steely blue tones the entire underbelly as well as the hidden undersides of his wings. Running the full length of his abdomen is a curious hash of fine electric blue lines, crossing his belly one right after the other in various lengths and widths. Perpendicular to and thru their center a single white gold band stretches from chest to tail while the same white gold outlines the underside of his wings along the delicate wingspars and the sail's leading edge.


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