A headful of pale blond curls are Elsia's trademark. When down, they fall midway down her back. Typically, however, she wears her hair back and out of her face, tied back with a white ribbon. Her face is wide and friendly, with small laugh lines just starting to form at the corners of her dark blue eyes. Her lips are full and slightly pink, and her teeth are white and quick to flash in a smile. Her skin is pale and freckles splatter across her apple cheeks and straight nose, as well as dusting her shoulders.

She's average in height at 5'5", and her build could best be described as curvy — she has to sample all those yummy things she bakes, after all! Most days she can be seen wearing some sort of flowy summer dress, except in the winter months when she trades sandles and skirts for gray wool winter coats and knitted hats and sensible black boots. She's got a Journeyman baker knot on her shoulder, and looks to be in her early 20's.


A girl, Elsia's adoptive mother said. Just a girl and probably Holdless or at least lost, when she came knocking at her door scared witless and seeking help for the baby on its way. Elsia's mother had been getting on in years even then, but she was still one of the best midwives in the area. The girl disappeared in the night, leaving Elsia behind. So Elsia grew up with the Healers at Fort Hold after her mother had retired from her post and went home to teach at the Hall. She didn't join the Healers though. When it was time for Elsia to take her own apprenticeship, she decided instead to be a baker. It was with sad eyes that her mother allowed her to apprentice to another Baker and leave her for the first time ever. Elsia proved to have an uncanny knack for successfully mixing unexpected flavor combinations and eventually focusing on candy making, earning herself her Journeyman's knot in only a decade in her early twenties.


Name Relation Location Position
Aradee Adoptive Mother Healer Hall MasterHealer, Midwifery


Green Taffy

This little firelizard is the color of spearmint gum, all pale and minty. Her body is long and sleek while the rest of her is runty. Her legs are short, her wings are undersized, her head is small and triangular with miniature features, but her neck and tail are strangely long. The effect causes her to look more like a flying tunnelsnake rather than a firelizard.


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