Gender: Female
Current Home: Western Weyr
Hair: Ash-brown
Eyes: Gray
Birthplace: Ista Weyr
Rank: Sr. Weyrwoman
Dragon: Miraneith


While her hair color might well be considered to be nondescript — an shade best described between cocoa and ash-brown — it does little to distract the eye from the rest of her, which is anything but plain. Warmed by the tropical climes, her complexion is a golden-brown tan, a scattering of freckles sprinkled liberally across the bridge of her narrow pert little nose and prominent cheekbones. Wide, expressive eyes of a soft dove-gray color are set upon a narrow oval face; a softly rounded chin, and full and well-shaped lips define her delicate features. Not overly tall, but certainly not a petite figure either, she stands about five-foot, six-inches and appears to be rather fit and sleekly muscled. Her height lies mainly in her well-turned legs, strong thighs and firm calves are a testament to a rider's lifestyle. Slimly graceful, and with a narrow waist, her body certainly is lush enough to be considered womanly, although not overdone, with pleasingly rounded curves at chest and hip that lends a subtle softness to her frame.

Enka is something of a clotheshorse; while she doesn't have a great many outfits, particularly as she has moved about so often in her time she does nonetheless covert the few garments she had managed to obtain from family and friends over the course of her travels. As Enka lives in a tropical climate, she prefers loose, lightly-woven and flowing fabrics that keep her cool and comfortable. The majority of her clothing reflects her past socio-economic status; mainly consisting of affordable fabrics such as cotton and linen of a common weave, although with her Impression of Miraneith and sudden rise to Senior Weyrwoman (with an increase in her income to boot) she has begun wearing much finer fabrics and garments than she had in previous Turns. Enka's preferred colors are light pastels, particular soft blue-gray or pale green-blue; the likes of which are fairly affordable and easy to produce. As a brunette, these colors go best with Enka's complexion.

In consideration of the tropical climate, she is dressed in lightweight fabrics, in particular, a tank-top style dress that leaves her tanned shoulders and arms bare. A scoop neck adds to a flattering bust line, her slim waist displayed well by the bodice of the dress before it falls in gentle folds, the skirts reaching mid-ankle. She wears leather sandals with brass-colored buckles and a thick sole to protect her feet. Atop her shoulder, the intricately wrapped knot with the golden tassels is that of a senior weyrwoman, the colors of Western Weyr entwined with the single cord of gold.


Born to the union of Chaya — a Harper Journeywoman posted to Ista Weyr — and J'luus, the brownrider who sought comfort in her arms the night of a failed mating flight, Enka grew to toddlerhood in the nursery creche of the Weyr's Lower Caverns. She was named for neither mother nor father, but rather a half-hearted attempt upon her father's behalf to please his mother, Jaaenka, resident of a nearby Hold and none too pleased to have had her son swept off to the Weyr and Impressed quite some Turns back. Thus, Enka was named for a grandmother who had never seen her in a futile act of appeasement that in all likelihood had little to no effect upon the intended party.

Enka's sense of stability would soon be short-lived. Granted, she was still young yet and such an event probably did not register upon her toddler state. By Enka's fourth Turnday, matters had come to a falling out between her parents; misunderstandings here, hurt feelings there, accumulating in a rather spectacular (albeit private) argument — and a brownrider transferring north to the cooler climes of Telgar Weyr to avoid the confrontation. Perhaps it was just as well that Enka was too young to have remembered the events; such as once tempers had cooled and realization had set in — thus sparking Chaya's rather desperate pursuit to win her lover back. It was perhaps to the Harper's credit that she had even thought of her daughter at all, after all, Enka was still in the nursery, but nonetheless, the woman brought her along, perhaps hoping that with his daughter in tow, Chaya could smooth over her relationship with J'luus, and everything would be back on the mend.

In the end, the problematic situation, as it were, was solved, and after a heartfelt reunion, and Chaya's subsequent posting to Telgar Weyr where Enka spent the next nine Turns of her life. Growing up a weyrbrat at Telgar would not have been much different than had she been at Ista — save perhaps for the climate and location, for she certainly had chores and responsibilities that grew as each day and Turn passed along, and Enka was capable of shouldering more of the workload as time went on.

But alas, nothing ever lasts forever, and perhaps that first rocky argument so long ago might have heralded the initial troubles of the Harper and the brownrider. Chaya and J'luus had their share of falling outs and disagreements over the Turns, and before a great many Turns had passed, their relationship status was primarily one of an on-again, off-again habit — despite the birth of two sons, Enka's brothers Chauy and Jayas. And finally, it soured for good. In a rather dramatic public shouting match (although spectators noted that it was only Chaya doing all the screaming) Enka's parents declared their relationship quits for good, and prepared to go about their separate ways — thereby shattering the relative stability of Enka's young and rather sheltered life.

While Enka could easily have remained at Telgar Weyr (and indeed, J'luus had made it quite clear that he could — and would — support his children indefinitely) Chaya was certain that it was she who was the injured party in the relationship, and she reacted spitefully in a childish underhanded way to get back at the man she was convinced had wronged her. To that end, she dragged her three offspring back with her to the Harper Hall, thus uprooting Enka from her home a second time (although it was the first the girl could really remember.)

The girl wasn't at Harper Hall for long. It had been Chaya's intention to apprentice her children into the craft (and thus keeping them apart from their father) but soon it was quite clear from the onset that Enka had no musical affinity and inclination to say the least. While she could sing moderately pleasing enough so as not to embarrass herself in a crowd (and at best she could be taught not to sing off key most of the time) she was no great vocalist. Nor was she a composer or instrumentalist. Therefore, she quite disappointed her mother, who sought to foster the girl off to her sister (certainly an unknown aunt to the girl) who had married a small cotholder not too far away.

Although Enka did — and always would — resent her mother for packing her off like so much baggage and rearranging her life yet again, she grew to love her new home, and the aunt who fostered her. Her uncle-by-marriage ran a small trading post of a sorts; just a little cubbyhole of a cothold that was nonetheless a stopping point where trading caravans could stop and rest for the night. This meant there were always people coming and going — so many new people for Enka to meet.

By this time, she was fourteen, and had discovered the difference between boys and girls, and over the course of the next Turn and a half, proceeded to have a crush on just about every teenage male in her vicinity. But perhaps she was too shy to even approach the objects of her desires, and thusly her affairs never got beyond mere adolescent pining — and even should she have been more bold, her aunt (strict hidebound traditionalist that she was) would not have allowed any visitors to trifle with her niece's virtue.

And so, Enka grew into coltish adolescence within the confines of her aunt's home, and she may well have remained there until the end of her days had fate not intervened again, although it were none of her own doing.

It began as a misunderstanding — a wrong glance at the wrong time, and suddenly Enka found herself with a suitor who was ill-inclined to take "No" for an answer. And nor was he willing to yield to the stern authority of Enka's aunt. Had her aunt and uncle been perhaps less scrupulous, Enka might well have found herself in a rather precarious position. But as it was, her uncle was unwilling to stoop to a level of such audacity, and rather than risk a financial loss and a blow to the cothold's reputation, he prevailed upon his wife to send Enka away in hopes that the entire situation would be defused, and blow over. Enka was sent away as soon as arrangements could be made — not back to her mother (which sincerely pleased Enka) but rather she went to her paternal grandmother for whom she was named, who resided at Redtide Hold. And that insufferable elderly lady was less than pleased to have been given guardianship of a granddaughter for whom she had little use.

And so Enka found herself returning to the island of her birth, arriving almost unwelcomed by an elderly lady she had never met, and settling into life at a Hold soon devastated by natural disaster, thus forcing her to seek refuge in the Weyr where she had been born. Having been uprooted continuously within her short lifetime, Enka has found her journey come full circle — where her fondest wish is to settle down, remain where she is and make a life for herself as best she might.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
J'luus Father Telgar Weyr Wingrider Brown Baranath
Demira Stepmother Telgar Weyr Wingrider Green Nandianth
Chaya Mother Harper Hall Journeywoman N/A
Chauy Brother Harper Hall Apprentice N/A
Jayas Brother Harper Hall Handyman N/A


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Emalia Daughter (by S'gam) Western Weyr Weyrbrat N/A
Kaelen Son (by K'ael) Western Weyr Weyrbrat N/A
Liam Son (by K'ael) Western Weyr Weyrbrat N/A
Ezio Son (by Zi'on) Western Weyr Toddler N/A
Erianna Son (by Zi'on) Western Weyr Toddler N/A

Enka - Moostache Poneh



Sunny Day Gold Sunshine
Radiant sunlight seems poured from the brilliance of Rukbat's rays; given shape and form into a lean supple form. Glistening daylight is a glorious halo about a dainty small-muzzled head, which sweeps back to to a wide-browed forehead upon which are set delicately-shaped head knobs, her neck long and elegant, with a femininely curved chest and shoulder. Her wings are broad, strongly muscled and meant for sustained distances; the 'sails and 'spars splashed with sunflower — paling to muted flaxen along the wingsail membranes themselves, the near-translucent opalescence of them enfolded in noontide splendor. Goldenrod dribbles down across finely curved ribs, and a tucked-up belly before yielding to droplets of sunshine that spill over her rounded flanks, and then pool in puddles of sunlight in the curve of her neatly forked tail.

Bronze Barq Has Bite
Polished to a gleaming perfection; the dark brassy hide — a shimmering shadowed mixture of chocolate bronze hues — stretches over a frame of majestic stature. He is, by all accounts stoutly powerful, graced with a keen litheness and sinewy muscles that sweep over graceful features. Strength lies within his form; his ribcage and sides bellow out like a beer barrel that give way to strongly muscled legs, and a long whiplash of a tail. On the front end, a sharply curved muzzle sweeps back into a regal arch, delicately etched with a greenish tinge that highlights his handsome angles. Shades of green pale into silvery tones; tracks that lead down the line of his back to the sterling sails of large powerful wings; a ghostly shimmering cape that seems to always be held partly open.

Down to Earth Brown Quake
A rich, deep brown forms the base color of this firelizard, reminiscient of plain clay that was pried from a riverbed and sculpted with skilled hands into the shape seen. From this base, other details have been crafted onto the surface. Lightly rolling hills begin at the strongly muscled haunches, terminating into the mountains of his shoulders, whose peaks abruptly erupt into dark loam-hued wings. A faint tracing of grayish-green lichen can be detected at the wingspars, although they disappear without a trace as they near the wingsails. Accented along his limbs seem to be a veritable treasure trove of tiny jewels, glittering in specks of a myriad of rainbow hues. They are truly the Earth's treasures, carefully hoarded by this brown firelizard.



Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Gold Miraneith
If beauty be a necessity for heart and mind, it is the only place where it will ever lie amid the befuddling features of this ungainly creature. Perhaps a mother's eye will take favor to her awkward grace, a reptilian nature given soul in smooshed body and cheek, coated with pale-speck'd mustard there to pudgy sides, cock-eyed limbs and plump, stumpy tail. A widened snout fixed to a quite non-existent neck gives birth to massive protuberant eyes, each set strangely distanced on the fore of her nearly shine-less, blunted nose. From jaw to thickened tail tip, ivory clashes dismally against all brighter hues, coating her flattened underside as well as splayed, crooked toes. Though, as if there was a reluctant charity to this astonishing abnormality, striking color gives some small relief to her needlessly large-stature'd wings. Her sails darken to an exotic gamboge that, with increasing quantity towards the prow of curvy ailerons, is spotted haphazardly with snowy white. However, though lacking refined allure or a lovely feminine grace, she will boast what mere beauty shall never achieve: she is truly, everlastingly, unique.

*Miraneith sketch by squeechan. THANK YOU!!!


Title OOC Date Cast
Shadhavarth and Tzettenvonth's Eggs Hatch February 16, 2014 Akyla, Enka, E'ros (Sorel), Iris, Nae (Naeda), Nisa (Naris), Rhysanna, S'u, Therynn, Zi'on
Warmest Congratulations February 16, 2014 Enka, Nae, Rhysanna
Goldriders in the Garden February 25, 2014 Enka, Nyalle, Rhysanna
While Dragons Feed May 18, 2014 Enka, Iris
Golds and Goldriders May 19, 2014 Enka, Rhysanna
Caverns Conversation May 21, 2014 Enka, S'rorn
Lunchtime June 6, 2014 Enka, Marianita
Get Well Card for a Goldrider June 13, 2014 Enka, Iris
Soaking The Day's Worries Away Enka, Ladek
Meeting New Faces September 4, 2014 Daranyl, Enka, Ezrayl
Soakin' Away the Day's Worries September 8, 2014 Daranyl, Enka, Iris, Sundari
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