Alias Zan, Yz
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Southern Boll
Occupation Jman Harper - Currently Candidate
Hair Brown
Eyes Bright amber

Impetuousness and youth may be the first impression one can get when looking at Eryzan for the first time. Blessed with an athletic build, his rather tall silhouette gives him a certain self confidence he doesn't hesitate to display in his smiles. Light brown hair encompasses his tanned face from where glitter the gem of his amber eyes. Their complexion hard to get as the sun keeps playing with them, sometimes darkening to almost black, sometimes brightening to the lightest topaz's shade. With full curved lips, legacy of his mother, surrounded by an eternal two days beard, this young man walks his path always looking at the bright side of life.

Having to adapt himself to his new climate, Eryzan was forced to trade his usual colorful short sleeved shirts and mid-thighs shorts to sweaters and wherhide pants. But he still does carry the warmth of his natal land and it's not rare to find him wearing light clothes, at least on his upper half, even in the coldest weather. The only thing he seems to have adopted are his pair of leather boots. Recently, some white has been added to his outfit. A simple cord pinned on his right shoulder.


Since he was born, Eryzan has always been the little prince of the family. Cherished by his mother (maybe too much?) and by his two beloved sisters, he never had to care about anything. Born and raised at Southern Boll, he quickly found all the marvels amidst the tropical lushness of the peninsula. His early turns were as soft and warm as Boll's weather which made him think to live in paradise. Climbing trees, sunning, swimming were his main occupations much to his parent's dismay.

When they decided it was time for him to do something of his life, Eryzan protested. Why should he have to worry about that? The Healer Hall is way much up north and it'll ruin his tan. But then turns passed and the young man found himself humming more and more, probably mimicking the wild firelizards he's been staring at during his early youth. On his 18th turn day he received a guitar from Andara, his elder sister, and something happened. Something he never thought would happen. Bringing tears of joy from her mother and pride in his father's voice, Eryzan decided to enter the Harper Hall.

After turns of hard studies and sacrifices, he quickly climbed echelons and found himself with a journeyman knot and some more freedom. Boldly and still guided by his nothing-is-out-of-reach state of mind, he asked to be posted at Half Moon Bay Weyr. It was just before the earthquake stroke. Now he doesn't spare his efforts and strength to help rebuild until S'rorn's Brown Dragon changed his life again…


Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
On the Road October 17, 2014 Lisbei, Raev, Eryzan
Magical Dreams and Seamonster Wishes (Raelii's Story Event) November 9, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Eryzan, Ezrayl, Firamar, Sundari, Raelii
Celimoth and Teimyrth's Eggs Hatch November 23, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Chrystyne (Trysta), Daranyl (D'nyl), Eryzan, Ezrayl (Aerza), Firamar (F'mar), Ilyse, Kadesh, Keldan (K'an), Kyra, Raelii
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