Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Landing
Occupation Candidate / Apprentice Techcrafter
Hair Hair Color
Eyes Eye Color

With a soft, childlike face with delicate features, large blue eyes peering out calmly at the world, and full, pink lips, this young woman has an air of childlike naivety about her. Her build doesn't help, either: at barely five foot two and with only the slight curve at bust and hip interrupting an otherwise skinny, straight up-and-down body, she's a diminutive figure. Honey blonde hair falls in loose curls to just below her shoulders, framing her pale face.
Her clothing is plain, but practical: a light blue short-sleeved blouse, three quarter length tan trousers, and flat leather shoes.


Born at Landing, Etinei grew up surrounded by technology. Her family are involved with crafts: her father is a technology journeyman, and her mother works at the Landing University doing admin work. Etinei is the second of three children. Her older brother was Searched by Monaco Bay Weyr when he was fourteen, and he is still a candidate to this day. Her younger brother still lives at home, and is considering what he wants to learn at Landing. For Etinei though, her choice was obvious: from an early age, she displayed an interest in the technology craft. Her father was happy to bring her along on his work and show her what he was doing, and shy, quiet Etinei was happy to go with him - it meant spending less time with her rambunctious brothers! At the age of fourteen, Etinei officially apprenticed to the technology craft. After several Turns at Landing University learning the basics, she was sent to Monaco Bay to continue her studies at the Weyr. And, hopefully, bring her out of her shell.

Etinei was Searched in month 4 of Turn 2720 for Chauth and Ysgieuth's clutch. She enjoyed a pleasant candidacy, making new friends - notably Teinon and Petra. At the hatching, Teinon and Petra both Impressed; Etinei did not. She returned to Monaco Bay Weyr, as happy for her friends' new paths as she was confused at her own feelings about the conclusion of the candidacy.[/div]]


Name Relation Position Age
Father Father Technology Journeyman (Landing) +24
Mother Mother Admin (Landing) +22
Name is open! Older brother Candidate (any Weyr) Flexible!
Name is open! Younger brother Holdfolk (Landing) Flexible!


Winter's First Storm Blue Ice
He's a blue so dark it practically aches, the frigid cold emptiness of a winter's night. There's little relief to be found in the stubborn, weathered jut of his facial features, nor the mountainous crags of his 'ridges, for they are cloaked in cold, white swaths of snow. Piercing blue eyes coats the undersides of his wings in an almost uncharacteristically wild display, as though, beneath the regimented, almost militaristic way he carries himself, there's something savage and teeming waiting to break through. Icy tones crackle up both paws, pretty fractals trying their best to make up for their long, rangey nature. This same pale blue flecks the rest of his hide, giving him the ticked appearance of a wild canid, with a borderline unfriendly, lone wolf nature to match, surly nature giving way to kindness only with those in his 'pack.'


Etinei's pre-Search logs can be found on her Monaco Bay Weyr page.

Title OOC Date Cast
Wasted Efforts January 24, 2019 Etinei, Petra
Talking Computers? February 4, 2019 Etinei, Teinon
Experiencing Eggs February 6, 2019 Etinei, Teinon, Z'tan
Lunch and Evil Eggs February 8, 2019 Etinei, Teinon
Cruising from a Bruising February 10, 2019 Aishen, Etinei
The Second Time February 11, 2019 Etinei, Suyi
Learning on the Job? February 13, 2019 Etinei, Z'tan
Pillows and Plans February 18, 2019 Aishen, Etinei
All in the Pool February 22, 2019 Etinei, Petra, Suyi, Vykrov
Scared Children February 25, 2019 Etinei, Teinon, Garland (NPC)
The Fort's Fall March 2, 2019 Etinei, Teinon
Familiar Faces March 24th, 2019 Etinei, N'on
Happiness Overflows April 28, 2019 N'on, Etinei
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