Dark brown hair is either loosely tied back or left to curl and tumble down to her shoulders, allowing it to frame the lightly angled contours of her broad shaped face. Almond shaped blue eyes rest below a pair of wide, curved eyebrows and between a small, slightly pointed nose that rests above a full lipped mouth. Her skin has a natural, olive skin tone to it, giving a gentle contrast against her blue eyes and darker hair. Standing at an average height for her age, she is of an average build with some curves to her frame, with most of her muscle tone centralized on her upper body due to the nature of her Craft.
Her tastes in clothing are far from anything elaborate or fancy as she opts instead for simplistic tunics or blouses, generally mid or long sleeved and with modest v-shaped or square cut neck lines. Overtop of this, she wears a naturally tanned leather vest with simple designs worked in along the edges. A plain dark brown belt is looped through her light brown trousers and clipped to it are various small tools and a small leather pouch. On her feet, depending on the situation, she either wears a heavyset pair of scuffed black protective boots or a pair of far more comfortable sandals.
She wears a knot, braided and looped in the typical manner to denote her rank as an Journeyman, with the colors showing her post being Western Weyr. Pinned nearby, she wears the Glasscraft badge.


Eydis was the first child born to Jordis, a posted Glasscrafter and Calariel, a kitchen worker at Blue Fire Hold. While her father was preoccupied with his work, her rather authoritarian mother mainly raised Eydis and in her younger turns, Eydis was a well-behaved child. That slowly began to change as she aged and began to chafe against her mother's strictness and would often turn to her father, who was more lax in his views and discipline on her, which resulted in her slowly growing more attached to her father than her mother, especially if she could find some loophole through him around her mother's rules or wishes. Eydis was a quick learner and easily bored when she could find nothing to interest her. While Eydis tried her best to be good on most occasions, the temptation to wreak havoc or start trouble with the other children of the Hold often got the better of her and on many occasions she landed herself in hot water with more people then just her mother.
As Eydis reached the age of thirteen turns and her behavior had still not improved, her and her mother clashed more frequently, especially over Eydis' bad track record for being a troublemaker. With the arrival of her younger brother, Eirikur, Jordis saw that it'd be best to begin introducing Eydis to various simple work tasks and chores that tied in to the Hold or dealt with any of the posted Crafters in an attempt to allow Calariel some rest to care for the new infant. Much to his surprise, Eydis displayed a true interest in the Glasscraft and would often pester her father to no end for more information or to help, no matter how simple or boring the task. With something to keep her mind focused, Eydis wasn't as tempted to cause trouble, although her sardonic humor and sarcastic remarks would push it. As she gained the trust from her father that she was mature enough to handle actual Apprenticeship, the subject was discussed with Calariel, who reluctantly agreed.
Eydis was almost beside herself when she learned she was going to Apprentice as a Glasscrafter and also have a chance to leave her home Hold in favor of now living at the Hall. She settled right in shortly after she arrived, eager to prove herself at her work. Even with her eagerness she did struggle for a bit as her bad habits resurfaced briefly and she found herself being slightly homesick after a few months. But over time, her studies and the few friends she made took most, if not all, of her attention. She began to learn to choose her words carefully and keep her more biting comments to private ears or her ears alone. Eventually, she began showing a knack for colored glass and began pursuing it as her specialty. Just as she reached her twentieth Turn, Eydis was one of the few selected and posted alongside other Glasscrafter's at Western Weyr for a term. Reluctant to leave her friends behind, but looking forwards to being closer to her home Hold, Eydis moved with the other Crafters to the Weyr. Along with her continued studies and her work, she is finding Weyr life to be very different from that of Hold and Hall. While normally outgoing, she has become a little shy and withdrawn in such a new environment and has become quite absorbed into her work. Overtime, she may adjust, but for now she finds most of her enjoyment in her daily studies and slowly begins to work out of her shell.
Time went by and Eydis began to make a few friends. Most notably, an Apprentice Beastcrafter by the name of Brenn. Some gossiped that they spent a lot of time together; a lot more then most "good friends" would. Eydis, of course, denied all of this when confronted about it. Her worries on her studies and relationship gossip would soon take a back seat. Not long after Aerhi's gold Onauth clutched, Eydis was approached by Jr. Weyrwoman Jolie. As the two began to talk, Jolie asked the young apprentice if she'd accept the offer to stand on the sands. Eydis made her decision quickly and gratefully accepted the offer to be a Candidate for the clutch now hardening on the sands. Candidacy was no difficult task and Eydis adjusted well enough to the additional chores. It wasn't until the increased renegade activity caused strict curfews and new restrictions that caused her to grow a little restless. She even survived through the nerve wracking experience when the local costumed dance was interrupted by an attack by two renegades and the kidnapping of one Candidate. Not long after, Onauth and Raenth's eggs began to hatch and Eydis was rushed from her chore duty in the kitchens to the barracks where she fumbled into her robe and was ushered out onto the hot sands before she could even get a word in edge wise. The eggs hatched and new riders paired, but Eydis was not to be fortunate that time and was left standing. Somewhat disappointed, but beyond happy to have had the chance at experiencing it, Eydis returned to her studies and classes as an Apprentice Glasscrafter shortly afterwards. She has continued her friendships made through Candidacy and is often seen in the company of Brenn again when she isn't on duty.
Just recently, Eydis was promoted to full Journeyman rank and has begun to pursue her specialty in colored glass.


Name Relation Location Position
Jorids Father Blue Fire Hold JM Glasscrafter
Calariel Mother Blue Fire Hold Kitchen Worker
Eirikur Brother Harper Hall Apprentice


Green Zure
Small in stature this green firelizard is anything but dainty, quiet and invisible. Ok, well she might have a bit of the daintiness of most greens. That exotic slender flair where every curve is sensuously accented by the taunt pull of skin clinging to her frame like a wet tee shirt. Her hide is a painfully vibrant lime. The green is a mix of near neon-lime and a gassy odd off colored juice-green that looks rather toxic, as if even by touch you might be burned. Likely the only thing you need fear from her is the sharp cut of diamond talons or alabaster teeth which always seem just hidden from sight, but ever at the ready if you displease her. While coloring may be most eye catching, the most memorable thing about her is actually her voice. Here fate has given her the short stick and of sweet carols she'll never ascend, in fact its more like fingers upon a chalkboard as she scolds and chides, arguing in a most obnoxious manner for you to do things her way, and in her time.
Zure is banded with the colors of Western Weyr.

Brown Sindri
Oddly thin for a brown firelizard, it seems like it can't get enough to eat or enough to drink. Each breath taken can be seen, the lungs filling and deflating. While still rather large for it's size, it's still tiny and frail appearing. A sleeper who has long slept with no nutrition. The shades of this brown firelizard is blue, with paler shades around the headknobs and around the face. All the darker shades reside along the tail and the bottom tips of the wingsails. Each color mixes for a perfect blend along this body, slight swirls of colors mixing and blending to find the perfect brown. There are no abnormally large or small wings, tail is normal. Other than the thinness, this firelizard is realtively normal appearing.
Sindri is banded with the colors of Western Weyr.

Blue Ohai
This small blue is happy to see everyone! Colored with multiple shades of blue ranging from periwinkle to robin's egg to sky to cyan, azure, cerulean…any bright blue color is present in some shape or form on this splendid fellow, with no rhyme or reason. He is a bit on the thin side, with a long whippy tail, equally long neck, attenuated limbs, and spindly wings. He looks as if a gust of wind would blow him away!
Ohai is banded with the colors of Western Weyr.


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