Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Bluefire Hold
Occupation Search & Rescue
Hair Red
Eyes Green


Thick red locks tumble down past this young woman's waist, reflecting each ray of sunlight that falls upon them. These near-glowing strands frame Ezrayl's face perfectly, accenting high cheekbones and strong eyes that seem just slightly slanted. There's a certain fierceness in her gaze, which is further highlighted by strong brows that are just a tad darker than her hair. Ezrayl's face is divided into perfect symmetry by a straight nose, this feature just as bold as her others. Despite the firmness of her features, she possesses quite a few feminine qualities. Despite the muscles that make up her leanness, Ezrayl does not lack curves. Whether it is the subtle curl of pink lips or the line of her waist, underneath all of the leather armor she seems to be constantly wearing there is certainly a woman. Though perhaps one shouldn't get too close considering the dual swords she has equipped.


Daranyl and Ezrayl entered the world nearly simultaneously, though Ezrayl will always claim that she's exactly 6 seconds older. The pair were born to a farmcot holder near Bluefire Hold name Morndyl and his wife Ezara. They entered the world clinging to eachother and they've never been far apart since. Even while young, they developed a tendency to disappear into the woods for candlemarks at a time and by the time they'd reached eight turns, both had proven themselves to be passable hunters, bringing home a small wher or snake most days and, when they were lucky, something larger.

It wasn't long after that, though, that tragedy struck. They returned home one day to find their tiny home burning in a bright blaze, none of their family to be seen. The pair retreated back to the woods, where they felt safe. And where they were found by a small band of Renegades who took them in.

Life in the Renegade camp was hardly easy, but it honed them into good hunters and fighters, and it taught them how to survive the hard way. Most importantly, it gave Daranyl a family. Well, a family that would kill them for their haul if it wasn't turned over fast enough, but a family nonetheless. The renegades never truly sat well with Ezrayl, but they were a means of survival. No matter how well the pair could hunt, it would have been difficult on their own. As the turns went by, Ezrayl played her part but with increasing reluctance. It came to a point where she found herself picking fights with those she really shouldn't. Ezrayl was strong, two swords always at her hip and almost constantly wearing some form of armor. She could certainly hold her own against even the largest foe, but this wasn't how she wanted to live her life. She had moral, morals that could not survive in the Renegade camp. So when Daranyl came home one day saying that he had volunteered them to gather intel at a Weyr Ezrayl jumped at the chance and soon found herself on a boat with Daranyl heading to Half Moon Bay Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Morndyl Father Deceased Deceased
Ezara Mother Deceased Deceased
D'nyl Twin Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Hunter


Shining in the Shadows Blue Azminath

While not one of his metallic siblings, this long blue still has a particular sheen to his hide, near navy blue shifting towards dark, polished gunmetal, and yet lacking the saturation that many others may display. Long of body and lean of build, there is little of anything extra on his frame - little more than muscle visible in what should be the curves of his haunches or the lines of his shoulders. Night's darkness gathers upon his face, a dark mask that brushes over his nose, his eyeridges, his headknobs, casting the finer details into permanent shadow, the same deep hues slipping down his back, engulfing ridges as they go. It is only in his wings that details become clear, as a hint of brightness catches in the sails, cast aglow by some unseen light as they stretch between darkened spars - and it is in these details that something becomes obvious - his right wing sits slightly higher, slightly straighter than his left, and the sail seems larger, though perhaps it is merely an illusion of the light.


Title OOC Date Cast
Meeting New Faces September 4, 2014 Daranyl, Enka, Ezrayl
Dragons, Twins, and Wherries September 13, 2014 Daranyl, Ezrayl, Idrissa, & Kyra
Babies and Sibling Rivalries October 13, 2014 Chrystyne, d-nyl, Ezrayl, Jonteim, Kyra, Sundari
Grief and Ammends October 14, 2014 Daranyl, Ezrayl, N'mon, & Sundari
A Tale of Twin Candidates (Ezrayl is Searched) October 29, 2014 Daranyl, Ezrayl. & S'rorn
Candidates Meet The Eggs November 2, 2014 Aglaia, Daranyl, Ezrayl, Keldan, Kyra
Hot Springs Interlude November 2, 2014 Firamar Daranyl Ezrayl Aglaia Hika Cassara
Cooking Corporal Punishment November 3, 2014 Cassara, Ezrayl, Aglaia
Snacks Are Not Snakes But Kids Are Caprines November 4, 2014 Aglaia, Chrystyne, Ezrayl, Keldan, Kyra, Raelii
In Desperate Need Of Klah November 5, 2014 Nyarra, Cassara, Ezrayl
Magical Dreams and Seamonster Wishes (Raelii's Story Event) November 9, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Eryzan, Ezrayl, Firamar, Sundari, Raelii
Chore Horror Stories November 10, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Daranyl, Ezrayl, Keldan, Kyra
Celimoth and Teimyrth's Eggs Hatch November 23, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Chrystyne (Trysta), Daranyl (D'nyl), Eryzan, Ezrayl (Aerza), Firamar (F'mar), Ilyse, Kadesh, Keldan (K'an), Kyra, Raelii
Hunting Happens December 2, 2014 Aerza, Aglaia, Cassara, D'nyl, K'an, Raelii, Sundari


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