Bronzerider F'ian


A tangle of golden hair adorns this young man's head, not pulled back nor combed in any fashion, sun-bleached strands hanging every which way and that. Haphazard is perhaps the only way to describe the arrangement of dead-straight locks, their ear-length the only saving grace from knotting in all likeliness. Beneath those tresses are hauntingly cold eyes, more grey than blue they are unremarkable and dull, bordered by sparse and dark lashes. His face has classic features, chiselled, and whilst there's some attractive qualities about him he's far too wiry to be called handsome, instead there's a feel of gauntness apparent in high cheekbones. Whilst not overly tall, Finian stands above an average height, skin bearing the slightest hint of a tan.


Born and bred at Western Weyr, Finian is a true local. With his father a bluerider and his mother a greenrider he fits into weyrlife with ease, along with his numerous siblings - those both known, and unknown that exist about the Weyr and indeed Western isle itself. Finian's family is more than extended and more often than not he'll have visiting relatives popping in, usually much to his chagrin. Embarrassed by the walking, talking evidence of his fathers attentions to copious amounts of women other than his mother, Finian often avoids his family - choosing strangers for company instead.

Finian's early years were fairly unremarkable, with most of his time spent at the Weyr or surrounding Holds - Finian has only set foot off the Isle once, on a errand with his mother to Fort at the age of 14 turns. Not entirely enthralled by the idea of travelling, he has had no intentions of moving anywhere (until recently) and fancied securing himself a decent position at a nearby Hold.

Thrust into a position as a stable hand by his father at an early age, Finian developed a certain affinity for his fellow workers - much less for the runners he tended to. Spending the majority of his time either working or down in the caverns with friends and often with a skin of wine, gambling has become a large part of his life. Whilst he loves to join in, he's known for being rather unlucky and thusly has racked up several debts with various residents of the Weyr, in particular his cousins, who haven't the reputation for being the friendliest folks at Western. With payments mounting, Finian is a haunted young man and is often caught musing about relocation as an escape from his debts.

Vices seem to be piling on to Finian in his later years, and the latest development and attraction is definitely women. Whilst at a young age he swore never to be like his philandering father, it seems he's inherited a roving eye and often pays far too much attention to the ladies of the Weyr. Like gambling, this past time often earns him more trouble again. All in all, Finian's recent history has taken a darker turn, and his personality seems to have followed.


Name Relation Location Position
Nia Mother Western Weyr Rider
F'lom Father Western Weyr Rider




The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Gusith

Dark, deep bronzes pool along the hide of this dragon, an empowering presence simply by his color alone. Darker, off-greens line his muscles, appearing like worn metal that has been left out for ages while dull and old copper tones grace his talons and the tip of his muzzle. A large brute in appearance along with his deep bronze colors, going together perfectly and twining to appear as a threatening figure that has seen many battles. He even appears to have a scar that starts from one eye ridge and ends at the corner of her mouth on the right side of his face, as if from a fight of a thug-war. It is a faded gold, suggesting that it is not a fresh wound, nor even a real wound but a play of color. But, light does shine through the night. Flickers light gold specks dance down his hide freely, gathering where they see fit, though hardly gracing his head and headknobs while it gathers much more frequently at the tips of his forked tail. It is almost as if the gold specks were being sucked down to the tip of his tail, or even exploding outwards from the tip. The gold flecks become paler on the sails of his wings, which are an opaque bronze, almost see-through. These wings are larger than normal, on his body, while he himself is larger than normal, as are his wings. The joints are also thicker than normal, appearing as if he can down the mightiest foes with just a flick of his wing. Not only do his wings have large joints, but the rest of his limbs are large too almost like a body-builder. Muscles are large makeup of what makes this bronzes larger size, making awkward movements for the dragon, despite his age.

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