Bluerider F'inn


F'inn seems to be a bit lacking in the size department, especially for one his age, only standing at 5'4. He isn't very heavy set, and one would even say he's fairly scrawny. His mangy honey-blond hair, juts out a few inches from his head, and even tends to get in his hazel eyes at times. Freckles dot his cheeks, making the lad seem younger than he is. He regularly wears a necklace, hardly ever seeming to take it off, though it's just a regular piece of string with a normal-looking rock hanging from it. He's wearing a regular blue shirt with tan-brown pants. There's a rider's knot sitting smugly on his shoulder, one cord of blue thread intertwined with the others, marking the color of his lifemate. He has a Seamount wing patch on his sleeve.


Filan was a trader by nature, traveling from one place to another with stuff he made on the way. These things ranged from wooden-carved toys for the little ones to figurines he makes for adults. While he may not be a crafter, he finds interest in carving. His parents are unknown, the youngster having left his fosters to travel the world when he was able to set off by himself. He traveled from one place to the next, never staying very long.

That was, until he set foot in Western one day, and was seized by a searchrider for the sands. Never really being one to settle down, Filan quickly became restless and resorted to playing pranks with his fellow candidates, and when he wasn't playing pranks he was keeping himself busy by doing chores or having fun. However, this didn't last long, for with all things comes an end. The eggs hatched and soon Filan found Taruth, and named himself F'inn quickly after.

The pair had their difficulties, Taruth being more of a flirt than F'inn was, and the fact that F'inn wasn't very fond of the female type and wasn't really looking forward to flights. F'inn was also a bit more outgoing than his blue counter-part and was a bit on the mischevious side. Taruth wanted more than to be courteous and to set a good example, F'inn not so much. Eventually, both rider and dragon graduated and F'inn found himself a weyrmate in J'leron, even if the two seem to be undergoing rocky times at the moment.


None known.


Brown Choco
He is perfectly proportioned, while also being graced with lithesome form. Clear golden topaz colors his head and frames deepset eyes before that sparkling golden brown trickles down his neck and then blooms over his shoulders. Slowly though, the color is muddied by a darker cognac shade that coils up from where it gathers on his belly, spreading out its talons of malignancy. This color is banded on him, alternating with the topaz as each fight for dominance on his hide. The pattern is even repeated on his long whiplash of a tail, light followed by dark in rhythmic design.

Blue Naril
Exotic, brilliantly blue as it splashes his hide, this smaller firelizard carries a hint of the tropics in his coloring. Demure glances from his overlarge eyes before glancing along the rest of his lithe and overlong body to the near whiplash length of his brightly colored tail. Paler, frosted blue are the talons that decorate the tropics of his feet, but providing a certain match for the frosted silverine blue of his wings, especially the paler undersides.


Boisterous Befuddled Briny Blue Taruth

The gentle lull of ocean waves lap serenely as briny waters shallow toward encroaching land. Tropical blues mingle in these shallows in brilliant succession of all manner of watery hue lit by sun and rippled by wind and tide. The hues rightly douse this dragon, splashing across his angular wedge shaped head and breaking upon the rather pointy neckridges. The water pools below the rapid whirl of his eyes and at the base of his jaw, caressing the strong angular bone. It plays down the sinuous arch of slender neck before washing into the greater hulk of his body. Cerulean and aquamarine twine in sunlit pools around the muscle of his back, only to drizzle out upon the strong tapered length of his tail darting back and forth between the smaller ridges there. Deep barreled chest and lanky body seems to have settled slightly further off-shore. Here hues no less vibrant mingle, but slightly deeper, are broken by striations of darker shadowed blue and blue-green where coral lies submerged along his flanks and belly. Occasionally one will find a flirtatious highlight in silver, red or gold, imitating the tiny fish one usually finds darting among the coral just beneath the waves. It seems a whole protected ecosystem is so played out upon his hide. Talons hide in matte flashes of soft coral yellow, which creeps ever so slightly upon his fingers, as if they somehow have managed to breach the surface of these warm waters. Wingsails blend to his body, floating neatly folded at his sides, but when spread echo the deeper hues of waters farther out. The darker clarity of the open ocean plies the greater expanse of translucent membrane only to lighten again upon the trialing edges as he seems to reach to the very edge of another world in a bunching of blue lines like cresting waves, and the splattered crash of foamy whites hinting of arrival upon that distant paradisiacal shore.


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