Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth In a caravan far, far away
Occupation Pern-traveller
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey-green

Soft, dark brown curls frame her heart-shaped face, a pleasant complement to the light cocoa shade of her complexion. Her eyes are a light grey-green, framed with dark 'lashes and set beneath thick, arching brows. She has prominent cheekbones with blushed cheeks, a dainty nose that is slightly crooked from a not-quite-perfect post-break set, and lips that are full, though with a scar that runs through the left corner. As far as her figure goes, she's slender though not without muscle, having clearly worked hard throughout her short life.


Ffae comes from a Trader background, having grown up in a caravan that travelled Pern's Northern Continent for as long as could be traced back in history. They were renowned for their performances, particularly the death-defying acts that the men and women would perform on high-wires, on trapeze, and, most excitingly for the crowds, with felines from the Southern Continent. From the time she was old enough to walk, Ffaeryll was taught to follow in her family's footsteps - she could walk the high-wire when she was 5, was thrown from trapeze to trapeze when she was 7, could juggle swords by the time she was 8, and swallow them when she was 9. She first got into the cage with a feline when she was 10. What the crowds didn't know was that the wild feline was always doped up before performances for the safety of all involved - otherwise the act of prodding it through hoops and fire wouldn't be possible. While Ffae wasn't involved in the everyday feline performances she did help to feed it, which led to her believing she built a connection with the caged kitty. As it turned out though she was wrong - and during her first ever live performance with the feline, it turned on her, swiping a paw at her face that broke her nose and left her scarred. Luckily, the feline was dozy from being drugged with fellis, so the attack wasn't as bad as it could have otherwise been. Still, it was enough to put Ffae off getting into the ring for that particular act any more, so she stuck to the 'less dangerous' things that she was good at - high-flying acrobatics on the trapeze and high-wire, and the juggling and sword-swallowing tricks she'd perfected despite her young age. When she turned 18, however, Ffae decided that she wanted to get a taste of what life was like outside of the caravan. This was prompted mostly due to her parents trying to push her into a marriage with a fellow performer. She wasn't ready, and struck a deal with them to give her a few turns before she would return and take the husband of their choice. Ffae has until she's 21 to explore Pern before returning home.


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