F'mar stands almost 5'8" tall, his red hair is longer than it usually is as he's let it grow out more than normal. His green eyes look upon the world with the wonderment of a small child who is seeing it for the first time. Fir's build is very muscular, the result of turns of working on his parent's Cot Hold yet most would not notice as he is prone to wearing loose fitting cloths which hide them from view.

F'mar's current dress is a blue sisal shirt which he has tucked into a very serviceable pair of pants. The knees show signs of wear as do his work boots, though both are well worn they are well cared for. A simple rope belt secures his pants, knotted into a simple double-knot.

Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Cothold
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Dragon Brown Yukenth


Born on his parent's cot hold Firamar was an only child. Almost as soon as he was able he was set chores that had to be done daily. Little time was left for playing or just being a child for their land was stingy when it came to providing a livelihood for the family. As he grew up he was allowed to take lessons from the wandering harper so that he could learn to read and write, at least his name as well as keeping track of their crops and the amount they got for what they were able to sell.

As the turns passed Firamar was able to accompany his father on trips to Ista hold give their tithe and to sell what little surplus was left after their winter supply was stored.
Something was tugging at him, something was leaving him feeling unsettled and making him skittish as if there was something more to life than picking rocks from the fields or harvesting crops. Though what that was he couldn't truly say.

Midway through his 15th turn Fir decided that he wanted more from life and asked for permission to leave the family cothold to try life at Ista Weyr. His father reluctantly gave his permission so Fir was taken to Ista Weyr on the back of a blue dragon.

Upon his arrival he talked to Cenlia who after finding out what he was good at assigned him to the ground keepers where he learned to take care of the gardens and orchards. It became known to a few that his knowledge of the opposite sex was lacking and he was directed to speak to the healers and the dragon healers to expand his nonexistent knowledge of the female of the species.

On his 16th Turnday Fir was convinced to have a party, there was plenty of alcohol, pretty ladies. Fir found himself on the beach naked, on a blanket with no knowledge on how he got there. It was in this condition that his friends found him much to their amusement and Fir's embarrassment , his underwear was found knotted with a pair of panties in the grass behind him and to this day he has no idea whose they are or how they got there.

Firamar's life continued much as it always had, until he met Jeddia and it was love at first sight so to speak, it seemed as if they'd known each other for turns even though they'd not met before (technically not true but that's another story for another time). Jeddia convinced Firamar to apply to the Harpers saying that his story telling deserved to be shared with others and he seemed to have a talent for writing lyrics so off to the Harpers they went. He was accepted into the Hall and started his training though he was given credit for his story telling and his ability to write lyrics as well. Turns passed and both Jeddia and Firamar ended up being posted to Monico Bay Weyr where they achieved the rank of Journey Men/Persons. Upon his promotion they handfasted, not too long afterwards Jemirra was born leaving them both quite content with their lives at Monico Bay Weyr.

And so the story would have ended except that one day when he returned from doing his teaching rounds of the areas beholden to the weyr he found both Jeddia and Jemirra had left while he was gone with no explanation given just an empty hut. He moved into a room in the residences hall with his meager belongings continuing his duties but lacking something that left him with an almost perpetual sad expression and a lack of animation.

He would have remained so but for a chance meeting with a Dragonrider and his dragon on the beach. He was asked to stand for the clutch currently on the sands at Half Moon Bay Weyr. So he's now a candidate…but that soon changed when the eggs started to rock on the sands. At the end of the hatching Firamar (now known as F'mar) found himself the proud and happy lifemate to Brown Yukenth as both are Weyrlings at Half Moon Bay Weyr. Life has never been more different for him leaving him wondering what else life has to surprise him with?


Name Relation Location Position
Larelil Miawin Mother Ista Cothold wife and mother
Eto Miawin Father Ista Cothold Cotholder and husband
Jeddia Wife Unknown Wife
Jemirra Daughter Unknown Child
N'Hil Uncle Irene Weyr Rider of Bronze Quiath


Green Coatlicue
Brown Glooskap



This average sized brown is built for strength instead of speed. Slightly larger than usual wings are affixed to broad shoulders, rippling with strong muscle. Stocky limbs end in white claws with a slight reddish hue to them. His paws are just a tad bigger than is required, making him anything but dainty on the ground. The rest of this dragon is covered in a dark deep chocolate, save the folds on the underside of his wings, which match the reddish white hue of his claws and spread out under him like lightning bolts. His head and snout is of average length and size, not thin and long but also not short and squished. His eyes sit back deep in his skull though, or at least appear to due to the enlarged eye ridges that shelter them. The eye ridges give way to head ridges, which continue down his neck and along his back to his tail. His tail starts out quite thick at the base, then tapers sharply to a thin point at the end.


Title OOC Date Cast
Kitchen Duty October 29, 2014 Firamar, Daranyl,Chrystyne, Briari
Music In The Barracks October 31, 2014 Firamar,Chrystyne, Briari
Hot Springs Interlude November 2, 2014 Firamar Daranyl Ezrayl Aglaia Hika Cassara
Magical Dreams and Seamonster Wishes (Raelii's Story Event) November 9, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Eryzan, Ezrayl, Firamar, Sundari, Raelii
Into The Infirmary (Again) November 16, 2014 Aglaia, Daranyl, Firamar, Sundari
Celimoth and Teimyrth's Eggs Hatch November 23, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Chrystyne (Trysta), Daranyl (D'nyl), Eryzan, Ezrayl (Aerza), Firamar (F'mar), Ilyse, Kadesh, Keldan (K'an), Kyra, Raelii
Awkward Talk Time December 30, 2014 Aglaia, Cassara, D'nyl, F'mar, Hika, Sundari
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