G'len, Weyrling rider


G'len is a young man who is not tall for his age, but he's still young and growing. He smiles out you with a shy yet impish kind of smile, his dark brown eyes dancing. His dark brown hair is worn not quite down to his shoulders. It is windblown and slightly curly. His smooth skin is sun-kissed from being out on a boat most of his days. He's slim, quick moving, agile and congenial in his mannerisms. He seems to be pretty happy.

G'len, born Gailen to a fishing and sailing family at Half Moon Bay hold, loves the sea! He has a passion for the waves and the wind and was quite at home on any boat. He loves to sing the chanties he's learned, loves swimming, loves the sea. SOmetimes when his father's ship, the Dawn Star, would cock at the lagoon pier inside Western Weyr's lagoon to pay a tithe of their fresh catch to the Weyr, Gailen would be allowed to visit the Weyr and meet it's various people. One of the first persons he met was Kimmila, the assistant Headwoman. She was always walking around with her clip board, checking lists and making inventories. He used to call her "the crazy lady with the clip board. Then one evening he was down in the Lower Caverns with her and she found one for him to use. She gave him some paper and a pencil, and with a few colored pencils that he got from T'burk, he soon was carrying his clipboard with him everywhere he went, drawing pictures of fish and sections of the boat. Then dragons started creeping into his drawings. He even put his name on the back of his clip board. This greatly distressed Kimmila.

One afternoon, as Gailen worked on reparing a net for his father's ship, A'ven came over to talk to Gailen and soon discovered that Glyith was talking to Gailen. This puzzled Gailen because he wasn't sure what was going on. But once A'ven, the young WeyrLeader, realized he asked Gailen if he would stand for Impression. With the somewhat reluctant approval of Avery, Gailen's father, Gailen was given a white knot and made a Candidate at Western Weyr.



Avery Father Half Moon Bay Hold Captain of the Tall Ship brig "Dawn Star"
Selia Mother Half Moon Bay Hold
Culain older brother Half Moon Bay Hold Sailor on the Dawn Star
Tanya older sister Half Moon Bay Hold
Gobhan (Goh-van) younger Brother Half Moon Bay Hold


G'len found a firelizard egg in his jacket one morning when he awoke. He doesn't know how it got there. Maybe the little wild queen liked the smell of his jacket. But when he shook out his jacket a little egg fell out onto his pillow and commenced or completed it's hatching process. Out came a pretty…and pretty fussy…green! G'len was surprised, she was insistant, so he ran to get food for her. Once she stuffed herself, even poking him in the finger with a sharp tooth as he fed her, he oiled her and then proceeded to carry her around in his cupped hands as she slept, showing her off to anyone in the Weyr whose attention he could get. He finally decided on naming her Bette. G'len was still a weyrling at this point, flying unaccompanied ino the skies above and around Emerald Island. Now he has anothe companion to join him and Dylanth in their adventures.

"For this feisty little green, an arrangement of emerald and lighter greens swirl unimpendingly on her hide. The very tip of her snout is the brightest green you could ever find and become slightly darker and lighter as it flows out in all directions. Her belly is of the lightest and prettiest shade of green. A few darker green spots can be also be found on her wings.
Bette is banded in the colors of her owner's home."



Dylanth is G'len's bestest companion in the whole wide world, of course! Both have a love for the ocean and swimming, and once old enough to fly, they came brothers of the wind! G'len and Dylanth were the first in their weyrling class to take to the air. After months of dancing together on the lagoon's shore, exercising together by mimicking each other's moves with a lot of rhythm tossed in, and all the running around the Weyr's Bowl together, the two were quickly on their way to developing the synchronistic sense of motion that allowed them to go aloft as rider and dragon at last.

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