Greenrider Hadi


A young woman of meduim height, her legs still out of proportion to her body as if she has not yet filled out. Her shape leaves some to be desired, she lacks feminine curves and is on the gangly side. In contrast to her body shape her face is long with a rounded chin, light straw blonde hair hangs just past her ears and is cut crookedly making some areas longer than others. Light green eyes stand out under blonde thin eyebrows that can only be seen when her hair is pushed out of her face.


Born to a small cothold inside the jurisdiction of Fort hold she was raised one of three children, he parents where hard workers, farming and doing what need to be done to keep themselves going. Her mother Hally ran most of the domestic responsibilities in the hold and raised 3 children, Hadria being the oldest. Drisdon, Hadrias father farmed the land and was the staple that kept the cothold together. She was raised as best can be expected, growing up with a good sense of work ethnic. At 15 turns old she was accepted into the Weaver craft, and moved to the weaver hall. Her dream of being a designer and a master weaver seemed to pretty far off, as weaving isn't really her niche she works twice as hard to sew a straight seam, and has created some disasters but she has a keen eye for color and has drawn some designs that she states are still ahead of their time.

At 17 turns old she was stationed at Western Weyr, she is embracing the freedom of the Weyr and continuing to practice her craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Hally Mother
Drisdon Father


Green Duckie
This green is jarringly contrasted in electric ribbons of dark and lime green. Her yellowgreen neckridges seem to flow like silky locks of hair down her neck, all smooth lime edges. Her head and face are deep, mossy green speckled with emerald glitter. An almost bowlike pattern, made from graceful flows of aquamarine graces her left flank. Her long, graceful sails shimmer in bluegreen stardust, ribbons of emerald, like bows on a doll. Lacey aqua patterns delicately color the upper side of her wings. Greeny black on topazuline green jewels. Her body is smooth, curved shimmering dark metallic green, curling like the body of the most agile dancer, dark and dangerous, with glittering emerald and periodot powder. Her tail is long and thin and graceful. Pale jade socklike markings on her rear legs sport more ribbonlike markings and lacey patterns. But its her face that makes her stand out. The upper portions of her eyeridges are more pronounced than is graceful. They're outlined with pale celadon markings, but with the faintest tinge of red showing around her eyes.


Lady of the Arid Forest Green Mishath
Petite yet sturdy, this little green girl is more length than width. She seems to have the average of everything but size, which she also seems to make up for purely with her personality. It's as bright as the hide she sports, her green not dark enough by far to be sinister. In fact, the majority of her body is a yellow-green color not unlike that found in some desert flora. Her neckridges and wingsails shade into a sunny pear-yellow at their lightest, while a little strip of darker olive-green bathes her headknobs and spills around her large, intelligent eyes towards her delicate muzzle. This same green can also be found along her belly and the insides of her legs, but as it approaches her toes and feet, it takes on more of a brown tinge. The tip of her tail and toes borders on bronze, the darkest colors on her strong little form.

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