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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Igen
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Dragon Amekasith

Hika is a very petite woman. Standing at barely five feet tall, years of riding has at least afforded her some muscular, though she remains quite thin. Gentle curves hug her frame, making her slight frame at least feminine. Hika's vibrant red hair reaches far down her back. She normally wears it back in a braid to avoid it getting in the way of her duties. Small facial features, big bright green eyes and a gentle demeanor make the greenrider seem younger than she is.

Hika's clothing remains practical while being a bit stylish. She doesn't care for too much that is drab or boring. Generally neutral pants and a colorful tunic is her choice of everyday wear. Hika wears a pair of specially made and tailored leathers for flying, and tends to wear her riding boots whenever she can.

Hika wears a knot indicating she is a greenrider at Igen Weyr.


Hika grew up as a weyrbrat at Igen weyr. She was fostered at a young age, and never really knew her biological mother. Hika was close with her biological father T'rute though, a greenrider at the weyr. When Hika was born, T'rute already had three sons with whom Hika remains close with, even though her father has passed on and the siblings are now separated.

When Hika was fourteen, she was searched at Igen and impressed to green Amekasith. It was during this time that she was introduced to Cassara, a serious older brownrider working in the search and rescue wing that was a couple of turns her senior. Around a turn and a half later Amekasith rose in her first flight, and Hika found herself the unwilling participant in some intimacy with an older rider known for being rough during flights. And overstaying his welcome. It was Cassara, looking for Hika the next morning for drills, that chased the older bluerider out and comforted the shaken up greenrider. Not long after the two entered into a budding romance and were weyrmated.

About a turn after her weyrmating to Cassara, Hika learned she was pregnant after a flight with bronzeriding winner. After a lengthy discussion with Cassara, the two decided to keep the baby, naming the little one Hotaru. Once Hotaru was weaned, she was shipped off to the cothold outside of Fort to be fostered with Cassara's parents, though Hika and Cassara visited regularly and stayed close with their daughter.

One child was enough for the pair they decided, and settled into a comfortable rider life at Igen.


Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
Meeting the Parents September 12, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, Hika, & Sundari
Recreation and Weyrfolk (Daranyl is Searched) October 26, 2014 Cassara, Daranyl, Hika, & Sundari
Suddenly: Searched! October 27, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Cassara, Chrystyne, Hika
Hot Springs Interlude November 2, 2014 Firamar Daranyl Ezrayl Aglaia Hika Cassara
Awkward Talk Time December 30, 2014 Aglaia, Cassara, D'nyl, F'mar, Hika, Sundari
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