Gender Male
Former Name Kilarden
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Trader Camp
Wing Position Atoll Wingrider
Hair Black
Eyes Grey

Wrapped in thick, taut muscle, Kilarden stands at a towering 6'0" and weighs in at 150lbs. Ebony strands jut out at odd angles from the top of his cranium, shaggy and wild - as unkempt and untamed as the mane of any unruly beast. Grey eyes contradict the dark mass of hair that reaches in disobediently sharp twists towards almond shaped sockets, harboring a collective calm and undeniable amusement in their disarmingly engaging depths. Full lips center an oddly petite button nose, framed by a mixture of soft and sharp angles that make up his chin and high cheekbones.

A long sleeved, off-white tunic hugs to the muscle of his biceps and across his chest, the material growing increasingly more loose the further it travels down to cover forearms and tuck away into the waist band of his pants. Pants are a dark, earthy brown, clinging to his thighs only to loosen at his knees and taper until their progression is halted by a black pair of black boots that stop mid-calf.


Kilarden was born to isolated traders Kilyanna and Taraden - a surprise, if ever there was one, as Kilyanna was thought to be barren. They had been endlessly doting to their son, spoiling him as much as they could afford with the ever-present uncertainty of income and blessed with the patience of age. They had done their best to set an amiable example for the quickly growing young man, but had failed him when they had decided to hold off on teaching him their trade.

Turns passed, and Kilyanna gave Taraden and Kilarden the news that she was once again heavy with child, delighted despite the harsh reality of her wasting body and increasingly frail frame. Because of Kilyanna's failing health, Taraden and his wife had no choice but to momentarily shift their full attention onto the birth of their newest child, but it would do them little good as Kiltara's life marked her mother's death. A resentment was sparked in Kiladren, fueled by his inability to comprehend the importance of why he'd felt pushed to the side and cope with the endless blame he aimed towards his father and infant sister. While Taraden did his best with his rebelling son and his nursing daughter, there was no denying that the man died only six months in to their terrible plight of a broken heart.

With no family to speak of, Kilarden was forced into the role of provider, caring for a young Kiltara until bitterness gave way to protectiveness, and instinct had the young man doing whatever he could to keep himself and his sister alive. Kilarden taught himself to hunt, bringing home small game which he always divided between himself and Kiltara - sure that the growing child got most of his portions. Still, it was never enough until the appearance of a renegade had their lives changing forever.

Intrigued by the orphans he'd stumbled upon, the nameless man had given way to kindness and taught the young boy tricks of the trade: pick pocketing, hunting, little things that would keep the children clothed and fed, but nothing that would introduce them to some of the darker, harsher practices of renegade life. It was when Kilarden turned 14 that he woke to find his mentor had taken a permanent leave, and instead departing with Kiltara to make a life in isolation for themselves, he had gone on a manhunt. While the man who had helped him had never been found, his searching landed him in a renegade camp, where he'd learned quickly how to dodge the shadier few in the band and harnessed his 'trade' to mastery.


Name Relation Location Position
R'hyn Weyrmate Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider with Bronze Xermiltoth
Iris Ex-Weyrmate Unknown Rider to Gold Shadhavarth
Kilyanna Mother Deceased Trader
Taraden Father Deceased Trader
Kiltara Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
E'ros Half-Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider Bronze Iidenskapurth
Risali Daughter (Iris) Xanadu Weyr Weyrling with Gold Leirith
Veliren Adopted Son (Iris) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kielric Son (Iris) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Vauril Nephew Unknown Renegade
Taeski Nephew Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
J'en Nephew In Law Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider with Bronze Leketh
Kiorel Niece Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Katrel Nephew Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Kiric Niece Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat


Naso Lituratus Green Nymeria
Phthalo green silkily slips across this sleek looking lady. She's slender, lithe, but at the same time she's rather tall. A racing stripe of vibrant orange streaks across her forehead and dives down her spine, coating every neckridge, before it abruptly halts at the start of her tail. It's there, at the base, that two orange balls bleed, almost looking like an hour glass turned sideways before her whipcord tail, coated in olive, dances with exceptional length. It seems like it tapers and continues going for much longer than is normal, staying super narrow by the end of her whitened tail's tip. Her muzzle is lined with the same bright orange, flicking across her upper lip and accenting her narrowed snout. A small 'tear line' of pale yellow slides around her eyes and slips down to outline 'pouty lips' while another accent, this time in blue, slips beneath the orange racing stripe in a thin line.
Credits: Thank you, K'yr!

Knight of Flowers Blue Greywind
Slim and slender is what best describes this young flit from his delecate tapered snout to his long whiplike tail. Wings are long and wide, giving his body a somewhat dwarfed appearance in their splendor. Aside from his wonderous wings, this lithe lizard is graced with a soft cornflower blue, uniform and perfect in it's coating with not a flicker of dark or light to mar it's beautiful uniformity. The only thing disrupting this ethereal being are the small talons of moonlight.
Credits: Thank you, Hil!


Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Teimyrth
Xanadu bronze appears to have caught fire, burning away most of the color until it's nearly black. This near-onyx shade is worn like a cloak, sliding down his massive boxy head and down his stocky neck. Like thick tar, this metallic black hue slips down the back of his bulky muscled chest before it moves on across his neckridges, slipping over his ribcage until it continues down the length of his long thick tail. Olived-bronze 'boots' are worn upon each of his limbs, climbing up past the joints to battle with the ebon. This war rages on, sometimes charred bronze swoops closer to his midsection while other times the aged bronze hue creeps up, nearly reaching his midnight spine. Two massive wings sprout from his back, the tops matching the shadows of his back while the soft underside is a honeyed bronzed that dances with windswept streaks of blizzard white. Taking after his mother, perfection is not a word to describe him; his bottom jaw is flawed, jutting out further than his upper jaw and teeth have a difficult time staying hidden. Finally, in stark contrast with his shadow cloak, a necklace of ruddy copper cuts around his neck at the base, twelve large circles barely touch, like a string of glinting reddish pearls.


Title OOC Date Cast
Leck Mich Im Arsch April 19, 2017 Citayzleat, Ila'den, R'hyn
In Search of... May 5, 2017 Ila'den, J'en
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